Why Weiss Schwarz is a Game of Infinite Potential

It may seem a little far-fetched at first glance, but I believe that the growth potential Weiss Schwarz has is enormous. Being extremely easy to learn & having more or less affordable trial decks for beginners is a great gateway to welcome new players, however, the main ace of WS lies in its never ending diversity. Cards based off of anime and videogames are bound to reach a very wide audience in a very short amount of time, and once they begin to take off, they spread like wildfire. I think I’m speaking for many players when I say that I got into Weiss Schwarz because it happened to have a deck for one of my favorite animes!

The cards easily attract anime & game fans, but what’s even better is that they keep them at the game with their flavor text, references and touching moments. Bushiroad didn’t just spit out random cards with anime pictures on them for the sake of it – instead, every deck and its cards are carefully thought out in connection to the game or anime they’re based off of. That’s why, for example, we have Fairy Tail’s Lisanna going to memory or Homura cards getting power ups from Madoka cards in the Madoka Magica deck, and many more synergies pertaining to their own anime/game!

That’s precisely why I believe Weiss Schwarz’s potential to be infinite: it reaches a new sea of audience for every deck it releases, and the fans love it because they can relate to it. It gives us all a way to relive our favorite moments and play out a story we hold so dearly by ourselves, right from our own hands.


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