Weirdest Cards in Weiss Schwarz feat. Reddit!

A while ago, I made a thread on the WS subreddit discussing what cards have the weirdest or the funniest effects. It was just a curiosity thing at first, but seeing that there were so many good ones mentioned, I’ve decided to combine the Reddit picks and my own into a single post – hopefully, everyone reading this will find at least one card that’ll make you go “Wait… it does what??!”

2017 EDIT: There’s now part 2 of this post with even more cards – check it out here!

We’re about to get weird here.

Purple Puyo

Without further ado, allow me to start with the card which crossed my mind first: the fabulous Purple Puyo from Puyo Puyo (JP). It’s a level 0 vanilla so it doesn’t do anything, but come on…. it’s purple. Freaking purple. And it kinda looks like it’s silently judging your life choices with those squinty eyes. Banned in Standard format.

Nana Abe

Mentioned by /u/KKaru, here comes Nana Abe aka Forever 17 from Idolm@ster Cinderella Girls (JP & EN). She has 3017 power. Seventeen? Seventeen. The story behind her unusual power is that she pretends to be 17 years old in the series – younger than she is. If you check out her ID number, you’ll also see that it’s the 17th card of the set, which puts it between the yellow cards instead of other reds – special much? 😉

Yayoi in Casual Clothing

Keeping up with the idols, /u/Xagor1 linked me this Yayoi from Idolm@ster 2 (JP). I present you the high-five fest! Oh, and you also get an extra stock for the fun. It’s a silly one, but you have to love it – “Please pay attention to the noise level.” Just… aw geez, you might wanna keep one in your pocket for the next time you’re trying to study at the library. She obviously only works in a mirror match, but since it’s a trial deck card, that’s quite likely to happen.

Maria & Minorikawa, Journalists

The first of my own picks is Maria & Minorikawa from CANAAN (JP). She can give all of the opponent’s characters all of the 4 WS colors. I’m not sure if the color of cards has any impact on effects in any other sets, but in CANAAN, it’s pretty much the sole basis of the set. For example, this Canaan‘s climax combo effect depends on the color of her opposing character and if that one has all colors? Well, too bad … all of your characters now have a 2k boost and a +1 soul for the turn. The color gimmicks come from the protagonist’s story in the series – she possesses a rare trait called synesthesia which makes her register people, scents and other sights as colors. As a side note, if you haven’t seen CANAAN and you like psychological and action anime, try it. It’s really good.

Immortal Strange, Tsukihi Araragi

Brought up by /u/koifish16, here’s probably the first card on the list that’s seeing some play in competitive decks: Immortal Araragi from Nisemonogatari (JP & EN) or, as I like to call it, The 3/3/3. She’s a level 3 card with a cost of 3 and she also has 3 souls, but only 10k base power, which works in her favor. You see, when she dies, she actually doesn’t. Free automatic restand. “Hey there, don’t mind me, I’m just gonna hit you for 3 damage… twice.”  Okay just ignore this part, I read it hella wrong, she doesn’t restand. Thanks for correcting me in the comments!

She still makes side attacks a viable way of dealing damage as well: if you trigger something while siding with her, that’s 1 or 2 damage already. Depending on what climaxes you’re running, you could eventually side someone for 4 points of damage. 😀


/u/Dr_Scoops‘ pick is plain and brutal. Well, mostly brutal: Execution from Persona 3 (JP) that, for the cost of 8 stock, lets you heal up to 6 damage. “But wait, anti-heal is a th-” Shush my dear, this one puts all of the cards in your clock to your hand. Not that you’ll be able to play many of them after blowing 8 stock on this event, but still… take that, Hibiki! A more situational but still viable version of this is “Ecstasy Mode” Saya from Little Busters! Ecstasy (JP). She bypasses the anti-heal as well since she throws the cards into the deck, but you do have to be exactly at 3/6 to be able to use her.

Interesting Titles Participating!

I don’t actually know where I saw this one for the first time… but I will never forget it. Coming from the rather recent Card Game Shiyoko (JP) set, this climax lets you change the deck you’re playing mid-game. It’s not allowed to be played in official tournaments, but regardless – let’s give a moment of silence for Shiyoko since she’s golden. Soooo golden. *slowly removes a Shiyoko deck from play and brings in Madoka*

Miyuki, Completionist General

This Miyuki from Lucky Star (JP) is another infamous example of weird cards that a lot of people know about. Boom, 50 soul. It would only be useful by itself in Standard though, since Lucky Star doesn’t have means to rid your opponent of climaxes… but sets like Fate, Da Capo or Little Busters do! You’ll probably never be able to get rid of all 8 climaxes, but just… LET ME DREAM, OKAY? Boom, one attack, game over. Thanks to /u/sadaznboy however, for bringing another Lucky Star card to my attention, since I was not aware the set also had a card that boosts the power of others based on how much soul they have. Boom, 50k power.

Sea Monster

I’ve just mentioned Fate, but here’s Sea Monster from the /Zero (JP & EN) set. If you’re good at playing mind games, you might be able to sneak a level 3 on your stage during level 1 play. I guess it’s interesting enough to be worth a try if you like to gamble ;).

Wooser, Investigating

There had to be Wooser, okay? The whole set is a giant troll fest, but I’ve decided to showcase one of the cards picked by /u/BlackWing820. We’re having even more mind games here guys, so I hope you know your opponent well. As mentioned in the side note, this one’s illegal for play as well 😦 Whyyyy… whyyy can’t I expose the filthy liars??

Magical Fortress

You know that magical feeling of tension when you’re so freaking uncertain about what your opponent has in hand that you get so hyped an- Oh. Oh. Oh hello there, Magical Fortress from Shining Force (JP). So … you’re gonna check my hand … okay I guess, I mean, you are paying 3 stock so… aha, you’re also nerfing my character’s power… AND YOU GET TO HEAL TO HAND?? *flips tables and furiously exits the place*

Primp and Proper, Nagato

I’ll round the list up with my personal favorite: Information Integr… Something Something Something Nagato, Primp and Proper from The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya (JP & EN). This thing … ah, it’s just so amazingly beautiful… it wrecks all and any setup your opponent may have on field and contratry to the similar P3 card, Nagato lets you freaking choose where the returning characters will be placed! Ladies and gentlemen, a round of applause for Best Girl please.

As always, thank you very much for reading! I hope the post was insightful, and if I messed up any of the story explanations, please let me know since I haven’t seen all of the anime of the mentioned cards and as I’m a fairly confused human being, I make mistakes. Many of them. Anyway, if you have any suggestions for future articles or requests for decklists of any sort, feel free to comment below or shoot me a message on any of my social networks!

Bye bye!

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