Sets I’d Like to See in Weiss Schwarz

Weiss Schwarz, especially in the English realm, is a fairly new game (1st ENG release was Disgaea in 2009) – meaning it doesn’t have as many sets or expansions as many would like it too. Of course the selection is much better if you’re playing Japanese, but those that either don’t wish to deal with JP cards or have trouble getting them at a reasonable price are stuck with only 17 sets to choose from as of June 2016 …well, make that 18 in case you want to count the Milky Holmes Demo Deck in there too. And how many sets are available in JP? 60, or even a few more, depending on how you count the series that are actually same franchise but split into two different sets in WS.

Naturally that makes a lot of ENG players wish we had more sets to choose from, or just more sets in general; so today, I’ll be sharing the top 3 titles I would personally want to see made into a WS set the most! This will be 100% my own opinion and you’re free to disagree. Also, keep in mind that there will be spoilers, so you might want to skip some of the titles mentioned below if you haven’t seen that series yet.

Let’s get to it!


 I think S;G could really do well as a WS set because it has a great story to fit in with the already existing game mechanics – we have time travel, guys! That could either be implemented with cards that go to memory and back on stage the next turn, changers, runners (switching between world lines) or even something as funny as Fairy Tail’s Erza swapping shenanigans. Okabe and Makise would certainly be the center of the set, maybe giving extra power to each-other or one of them gaining additional abilities if there is the other on stage. Mayuri, Ruka and Faris would be assist cards and bonders to Okabe cards – but please, let there be a troll Makise assist card as well, named Kurisutina with a pissed off Makise art and “I’M NOT YOUR ASSISTANT” flavor text!

There could be a few level 0 Moeka beaters in the style of “If you have no other characters in the center stage, this gains …”, because she comes off as a loner at first, but then we find out that she actually has other people behind her, or the assists in our case. Oh, and there would be Suzuha backups as well… because she’s a “soldier” 😛

I also have this idea for a Daru marker card that gains power or levels or even both by acquiring additional markers.

I- I’m sorry … I had to …


Moving on to non-character cards, there’s a potential for an event/counter based on the Microwave: allowing you to switch 2 of the opponents characters (because the banana was no longer the same after going through the Microwave) or nerfing the power of opposing characters (because the banana was made into gel, and gel isn’t as sturdy as regular bananas). Also, we would need salvage and there’s Okabe’s phone for that – “calling” his lab members back from the waiting room. They could also make a field control card that would heavily screw around with the opponent’s stage positions and base it on the time machine, since that thing basically flipped everything upside down when it crashed into the radio station. EL.PSY.CONGROO could either be implemented into a burn event or a level 3 character with a burn effect, since burns are meant to end the game, and Okabe uses those words to end conversations.

Climaxes could be a lot of things… but it would be really nice if the set would have a viable +2 soul deck list option in relation to Okabe’s Reading Steiner – him having memories of different world lines can be interpreted as him having extra souls, right? 😉

As a side note, this set would also get a possibility of an immediate Vol. 2 with S;G Zero being introduced recently.

Quick summary:

WS side: Black

RED = Makise & Faris
BLUE = Okabe & Mayuri
GREEN = Daru & Suzuha
YELLOW = Moeka & Ruka

Base mechanics:
Change / Runners / Field Swap / Burn

Time / Lab Member

Jigoku Shoujo (Hell Girl)

If it ever comes out, Hell Girl should be the set that causes the most salt and rage-quits among all the Weiss Schwarz series. It has all the means to be a great annoyance to players of any kind, but I think that the focus of the set should be sending stuff to hell, which in our case brings us to bounce effects, wind triggers, events that send opponent’s characters to stock & abilities that banish their characters to the bottom of the deck – this one probably being the most befitting of all. Feeling the grudge.dek yet?

It could also have ways to prevent the opponent’s characters from standing the next turn aka. imprisoning them in hell, and don’t forget access to anti-heal, anti-salvage & anti-brainstorm, since those effects can be seen as a type of punishment that Enma and her gang would deal to people. While we’re talking characters, I do think that Enma should, of course, be the focus, but instead of pushing a waifu deck build, the set should try to connect her to her sidekicks and their own stories as much as possible. I also feel that her cards could be divided between two colors, red and yellow. Red for the scenes that happen in hell (uniform Enma) and Yellow for the scenes in the mortal world (kimono Enma). This works well with the current color mechanics, because this set’s salvage would most likely be Enma picking up the others, which happens in the heal realm, so red = hell = salvage. Yellow is the bounce / wind trigger color, and since she goes to the mortal world to banish people, yellow = mortal world = bounce effects.

Wanyuudou cards could easily include a level assist, since he is the oldest of the bunch. Also potential burn ability due to him taking form of a wheel on fire? Maybe. Ren cards lean towards global assists, I believe, because he does say in the anime that he thinks of his companions as family. Another idea is a level 0 or 1 beater with the down-side ability of not being allowed to switch places, representing the years he’s spent trapped in a katana without being able to utilize his own will. Hone Onna could also become a beater, but with a new hindering ability: she has to leave the stage after the turn is done, hinting how much she resents being called and old hag and therefor leaving while still young. But I think such an effect would require at least a +1000 rather than the +500 base power that most other beaters get. She could also have some kind of gimmick going on with a synergy between her human form and her skeletal form: maybe make a Human Hone Onna card and a Skeletal Hone Onna card that can switch places via change or whatever else, but make the ability trigger when an Enma card is frontal attacked? Because we do see her using the skeletal appearance to prevent someone from sticking their nose too deep into Hell Correspondence. I don’t want to delve into the other supporting characters too much, but I think I should mention the possibility of a Childhood Sentarou – Chilhood Enma bond.

No real preference for climax effects other than the wind trigger, but I would really love to see a CX card named “Would you like to see what death is like?” and the art being that particular reoccurring scene after Enma’s monologue where she reaches out her hand to the side and we hear a bell chime before flowers cover the screen.

Quick summary:

WS side: Black

RED = Uniform Enma & Wanyuudou
BLUE = Hone Onna & Kikuri
GREEN = Ren & Sentarou
YELLOW = Kimono Enma

Base mechanics:
Bounce / Return to hand / Send to deck bottom / Anti-stuff

Hell / Weapon / Fire / Skeleton

Ano Hana (The Flower We Saw That Day)

Ano Hana made my cry so much that I’m not really sure why I’d ever want to relive those feelings through a causal game of WS … but I still want it. It’s got a special place in my heart and it could take over some of the already existing mechanics while at the same time introduce new or reworked ones. We have some pretty obvious bonders and character synergies right away: Jintan -Anaru, Yukiatsu-Tsuruku, … so on. Poppo would be on different assist cards since he’s the one who supports the reunion of the Super Peace Busters the most, no matter how crazy Jintan’s experiences with the ghost of Menma may sound, and he’s always there to help him and the others, even when they want to give up by themselves. I guess he could also give encore to other characters because eventually, he brings back those who have left in the process? Anaru could be a global assist because even though she hides it, she actually still cares about everyone in the group.

There should definitely be some sort of Menma – Jintan synergy too: like having certain Menma cards that can only be played if you have a certain number of Jintans on stage, since he’s the only one who can see her at first – so I guess maybe for level 1 play?

The other thing I was thinking about is a bit more out there though: summoning Menma with the other 5 members, since the rest of the gang can only see her once they all come together and let go of the past. So let’s say you have a name theme, like “Searching for Menma” ___, where the blank is filled with the name of each other character. Once you have all 5 on field, an ability activates that lets you get Menma on stage, maybe like early play for level 2 with the Menma being level 3? Not sure. It’s a weird idea, but I had it so I’ve put it up anyway.

And there are so many motives for climaxes too! Fireworks, Menma under the tree, the hideout shack, … One should definitely be named Beast of the Summer  with a scene from the first episode, where we don’t yet know that Menma’s not actually alive.

Quick summary:

WS side: White

RED = Jintan & Anaru
BLUE = Menma
GREEN = Yukiatsu & Tsuruko
YELLOW = Poppo

Base mechanics:
Bond / Early play / Encore Assist

Peace Busters / Video Games / Sundress / Hairpin / Glasses

So, these are my top 3 picks for what series I’d like to see in Weiss Schwarz. Most stuff just off the top of my head, so the effects I described might not always be balanced, but oh well … I tried :P.

What series do you wish were in WS though? Let me know, I look forward to more discussions!


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