Platform Introduction: Otaku Dojo

We’re doing something different today – yay for site diversity! I’m gonna show you guys an up-and-coming Weiss Schwarz selling platform for players and shop owners alike:

What is Otaku Dojo and why should you check it out?

It’s a site based in Germany, and it’s interesting to me for a couple different reasons. First off, there aren’t that many WS singles shops here in Europe, so any site of this kind is extremely valuable to the growth and sustain of the player community. While there are a few other options for cashing in on the cards you don’t need, all of them include trading to a shop for in-store credit or PayPal balance, which to be honest is barely ever worth it. That’s why I was surprised when I first found Otaku Dojo: it’s a platform that allows players to make an account and list their singles, booster packs, displays, even certain accessories like sleeves, deck-boxes and playmats. You can either have a regular account and that’s fine, but if you own a shop, there’s an option for professional seller accounts too!

The selling process is made extremely easy and has a lot of flexibility: you can pre-set all of the shipping fees for national and international orders, or not ship internationally at all if that’s your choice.  The buyer / seller interface on the user’s profile page does a great job of highlighting your current tasks, be it an order you need to ship out or a payment you need to send to close a deal – and of course, there’s also the standard messaging feature, for which you can also choose to receive e-mail notifications.

There is no listing fee – the site only takes it share in the form of a 5% fee on every sale that you actually make, which seems to be a general percentage for such platforms. So if you sell something for 5€ (including shipping), you’ll be getting 4.75€ after the fees; and what happens with the money once you make a sale? It’s credited to your site balance, and you can use it to buy products from other users on the site, or withdraw it directly to your bank account, free of any additional charges.

Moving on, I want to show you guys the front page of the site:

I absolutely love it. It’s extremely simple, but has the necessary elements to make it great: the Newest Offers section takes up most of the space, and it showcases the most recent offers on the site: anything you list will receive a spot on here upon being listed, and you don’t even have to pay anything extra for such amount of exposure! You can notice that at the time this screenshot was taken, there were a lot of recently listed Force of Will singles, which is another CCG that you can sell on Otaku Dojo (other inventory series include MLP, Pokemon, Chaos, Final Fantasy and Luck & Logic as well). To the left, we have Recently viewed items, a handy little feature for people like me who have a bunch of tabs open at the same time and then return to the site thinking “Wait… what was I looking at again?“. Below is the Recently added section that shows the items that were recently added to the platform’s inventory and were not available to be listed previously.

And this is the other thing I want to address: the customer service of Otaku Dojo is beyond outstanding – probably one of the best ones I’ve ever encountered. I’ve mentioned already that they’re an up-and-coming site, meaning they are still adding items to the inventory – in relation to this, they have a “Report missing item” button that lets you notify them if you find an item that hasn’t yet been added to the inventory. I used it once when I saw that they were missing a few Madoka promo cards, and they were added to the site in less that 12 hours after I sent them the message. That level of responsiveness is amazing; they keep trying to make the site better in every aspect.

Search function

At the top of the site (not shown in the previous image) is the search bar, which displays results as you type:

In the drop-down, you can see all the inventory items that match your search. There are tags displayed next to the card names: those tell you the language and rarity of the card. You can either choose one from the list here, but if you didn’t find what you’re looking for, you can click to view all results, or just press ENTER as you type.

Selecting that takes you to a screen with all of matching inventory items with photos and tags: the grey ones are mainly for categorizing purposes while the ones of most interest to the buyer are shown in color. There are filter options on the left to help narrow your search – you’ll mainly use the top check box option that shows you only those items that currently have offers.

Using the “with offers only” filter, we get this – we can see how many people have the article listed, and what is the lowest price. Clicking on a listing gives you more details:

You can see the number of available items, info about the sellers like their rating and location, as well as shipping fees (international in this case, since I’m not from Germany). You are able to contact the sellers directly from this page with the “Send message” button, or list the same article yourself by clicking “Sell this article too” on the top right. It’s also possible to switch between different versions of the same card using the tabs on top, which comes in really handy. As a side note, I want to point out that you can list JP cards as well as EN cards on here – especially nice because other European stores rarely buy or even carry JP singles.

So yeah, check it out if you want! In my experience, it’s a really nice website, and it’s been of great use to me so far. I’ve sold cards on it, I’ve bought cards on it, and I’ve even used it as a portfolio of the cards I had for sale, since it’s really easy to list your singles and then share the corresponding link to those interested in buying from you, just to show all you have to offer in one place.

This is a sponsored post. I will be receiving certain benefits form the site owners in exchange for exposure on my blog, but all of the views and opinions mentioned in the article are exclusively my own and not influenced by Otaku Dojo staff in any way. I accepted their offer when they approached me because it’s a quality platform that I have already recommended prior to making this post – if I wouldn’t be 100% satisfied with their service, I would never even think of showing it to you guys.


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