DECK LIST: Haruhi Suzumiya – R / Y – Competitive

A competitive deck is, as the name states, meant to be able to compete and perform well in tournaments. It is true that the different series are by no meaning equal in power and viability, so take these decks as the cream of the crop for the specific series in question, because even the best deck of one set may not be a match for a semi-good deck from another.

The Deck

WS Decks link: Poor Kyon

Level 0

4x Kyon
When he’s played, you can pay 1 and put a <Brigade Leader> character from your stage into your clock. If you do, you can search your deck for one “Usual” Haruhi and put it on any slot of your stage.

2x Xmas Party, Kyon’s Sister
Clock BOND w/ “Usual” Kyon (not in this build).
Brainstorm: Pay 1, flip 4 cards into your waiting room. For each CX revealed, give a character with “Kyon” in its name +1 soul.

2x Koizumi’s Apron Look
If you have a <Brigade Leader> character, he has +2000 power.

2x SOS Brigade’s Mascot, Mikuru
When another of your <SOS Brigade> characters comes on stage from your hand or from memory, that character gets +1000 power and <Tea> for the turn.

4x Hot Springs Haruhi
Level 0 suicider.
When she becomes REVERSE, you can give one of your <SOS Brigade> characters +1500 power for the turn.

3x Flowers in Both Hands, Haruhi
+500 frontal assist.
When you trigger a GATE, you can pay 1 and send one of your opponent’s level 1 or lower characters from their center stage to WR.

4x Kyon & Koizumi
Level 0 stock suicider.

Level 1

4x Unseen Trust, Haruhi & Kyon
CX combo w/ Haruhi Suzumiya’s Good News:  At the beginning of your encore step, you can put this card into your memory. If you do, at the beginning of your next draw phase, choose a card named Unseen Trust, Haruhi & Kyon in your memory, put it anywhere on stage, and it gets +3000 power for the turn.

2x Swimsuit Kyon’s Sister
When she’s played, she gets +1500 power for the turn.
She also has hand encore.

4x “Usual” Haruhi
When her battle opponent becomes REVERSED, you can put her into your memory. If you do, at the beginning of your next draw phase, choose a card named “Usual” Haruhi in your memory and put it anywhere on stage.

2x Super Editor-in Chief Haruhi and the Assistants
You can pay 2 & rest this card to salvage a character from you WR.
You can rest this to give one of your <SOS Brigade> characters +1000 power for the turn.
You can pay 2 & rest this card to deal 1 damage to your opponent.

1x Touring the City
The top 5 cards of your deck go to you memory face-down. Your opponent looks at them and splits them into a pile with 2 cards and a pile with 3 cards. You choose one of the face-down piles to take into your hand, the other pile gets shuffled back into your deck.

2x I’m Not Interested in Ordinary Humans
You can’t play this if you don’t have a <Brigade Leader>.
Search your deck for up to two <SOS Brigade> characters & discard a card from your hand to the WR.

Level 2

2x Way Back on a Rainy Day
You can’t play this if you have 3 or more characters on the center stage.
Counter: All of your characters get +2500 power for the turn.

Level 3

4x Trouble Girl, Haruhi
Heals on play.
CX combo w/ Someday in the Rain: When she attacks, you can deal 1 damage to your opponent.


4x Haruhi Suzumiya’s Good News
+2 soul, double soul trigger.

4x Someday in the Rain
1k1soul, GATE trigger.


Here’s the Haruhi SOS Brigade build: by all means a less viable counterpart to the mono blue aliens deck, but a fun deck to play regardless! The build has a defined core, but many of the cards and their quantities are up to personal preference and playstyle.

Gold star for effort, Mikuru … it’s okay … you tried!

The core of level 0 play is made of backrows: Flower Haruhi lets you immediately pay out a triggered GATE climax, and Mikuru becomes extremely handy once your level 1 memory effects begin to happen, since she boosts <SOS Brigade> characters for +1000 on play and on return from memory! Your only brainstorm is Kyon’s Sister, which has a wider choice of Kyons for the +1 soul boost in this build compared to the alien one. Your best choice for power is Apron Koizumi, since he can get up to 4.5k with 2 Flower Haruhis behind him, but if you manage to use Kyon’s effect and get Usual Haruhi on stage early, you won’t be having problems with power anyway. Your other level 0 cards are 2 types of suiciders: the Haruhi lets you boost one of your character for +1500 when she’s reversed, and Kyon & Koizumi helps you get rid of level 0s with pesky effects by sending them to stock and sending the last card of their stock into their WR – be careful with this one though, you don’t want to accidentally help your opponent get a climax out from the bottom of their stock!

All in all, if you manage to set up your backrow characters at level 0, you’re all good! You should also focus on getting as many of the 1/1 Haruhi & Kyon and their respective CX into your hand as possible, so you can hit hard as soon as you reach level 1. Ideally, you’ll want 2 Mikurus in the back and 3 copies of 1/1 Haruhi & Kyon on your center stage with the climax. That combo gets pretty annoying to your opponent after a while 🙂 On the first turn you play them, their power doesn’t even matter, because they go to memory with the CX combo regardless of whether they’re REVERSED or not. Then on the second turn, they come back at 8.5k at least with their own boost, making that 10.5 if you have 2 Mikurus in the back. Either way you’ll be milling through your opponent’s deck like crazy with the +2 soul CX. However, if you see you’re not gonna be able to pull of this combo in full numbers, you might want to go for a Haruhi – Mikuru split in the back and play Usual Haruhis, but in many cases, they lack power to reverse all 3 of your opponent’s characters. Hopefully, you will be able to mix both of your memory gimmick level 1s for the best outcome.

For quick power bursts, there’s Swimsuit Kyon’s Sister, but I wouldn’t suggest using her encore most of the time, unless you really don’t have anything else to play. Late level 1 game is also when you can replace one of your backrows with a copy of Haruhi & Assistant, since it’s pretty much the only way to search out your level 3 Haruhi, besides using GATE triggers to grab her. It’s a promo card, so it might not be the easiest to get your hands on depending on where you live, since I believe it was handed out at shop tournaments instead of being a box topper in the EN release – but if you can get it, run it. It has 3 useful and versatile effects that greatly benefit your deck, plus it’s the closest thing this build has to the “3 Aliens“.

As you will soon notice, this deck is often crippled by trait requirements, since some of the traits don’t seem to make sense at all. I’ll walk you through it later, but for now let’s just say that you can’t use the 1/1 deck search event to get level 3 Haruhi in hand, since she’s not a <SOS Brigade> character, meaning that your best bet with this event will be getting some of the memory gimmick level 1s.

The last remaining event, Touring the City, seems like a complete troll card most of the time, but if you think you can out-play your opponent in mind games, it’s worth a shot. In my experience so far, if people don’t know this deck, they’ll usually go with the most straight forward option and just put the cards they think are shit into the 3-card pile, hoping you need hand size desperately enough to opt out for the pile with more cards. Another funny thing to try is, if you’re hoping to get a climax in hand for one of the combos, take the pile you think they want you to take: they’ll often put climaxes in the 3-card pile as well, hoping to get you a useless hand while also removing climaxes from your deck. The better you know your opponent, the more advantage you have with this event, but you’ll also lose that advantage when your opponent knows your deck well, since they will be able to predict what cards you need in hand more often than not.

At level 2, you’re only running the 2/1 backup. Considering this deck keeps your center stage almost empty during your opponent’s turn for the better part of levels 1 and 2, you’d be surprised how useful this +2500 boost to all characters can become, despite limiting you to having less than 3 characters on your center stage.

Level 3 is equally simple, with the healer / burn combo Trouble Girl, Haruhi. This thing is a freaking Common … hard to believe, right? No worries about ever being short on this one, I got 9 of them just from opening two booster boxes. Naturally, you’re countered by all and any anti-heal, but I think she’s still the better option to run at level 3, even if for her burn combo alone. Once you have 3 of her up + the climax, you can finish the game fast.

All in all, while this is some of the best viability you can get from running yellow / red Haruhi, you can probably already see by now that the deck is not especially good at anything besides trolling the opponent. It’s fun to play, and if that justifies it for you, run it by all means!

Important stuff to keep in mind when playing:

  • The traits. For the love of all shiny cards you’ve ever pulled, always check the traits in this deck, especially the <Brigade Leader> and <SOS Brigade>
    • All Haruhi cards are <Brigade Leader>, except for the 1/1 Assistants!
    • The following are not <SOS Brigade> characters:
      • Kyon’s Sister brainstorm
      • Apron Koizumi
      • Mascot Mikuru
      • Swimsuit Kyon’s Sister
      • level 3 Trouble Girl Haruhi

In all honesty, some of these are to be expected, like Kyon’s sister not being a part of the Brigade in the first place, so she logically won’t get that trait. But others … man, I get flustered with them sometimes. I still haven’t found any better explanation for the mis-assigned traits other than the fact that Haruhi is an older set that wasn’t even changed for the EN release – so back when it was first released in JP, these traits must have made sense to Bushiroad in order not to make the set too overpowered. How the times have changed …

  • Be flexible as hell: certain backrow combinations support your current center stage better than others, and you’ll always have to decide between Mikuru, Flower Haruhi or the 1/1 Assistants.
  • If you get the yellow combo CX in your hand and you have at least one of the 1/1 Haruhi & Kyon in there as well, keep it. Even if it’s your starting hand, hold on to these cards for your dear cardplayer life because there are so few situations in which they won’t be useful to you.
  • As soon as you drop your level 1 memory combo, start working on your level 3 burn one by getting as many of the needed cards in hand as you possibly can.

What can be changed if you want a different playstyle?

Oh boy – basically everything! The core cards of the deck are Mascot Mikuru, Flower Haruhi, the level 1 memory combo, Usual Haruhi and the level 3 burn combo. Outside of those cards, this build has tons of variations!

If you’re not that much into early play at level 0 and you’d like to have more powerful level 0s on stage instead of using Kyon’s effect to get Usual Haruhi, you can take out two of the Kyons in favor of putting in two more Apron Koizumi cards that work really well with Flower Haruhi. Some people choose to run only 2 of each suicider type and instead max out Flower Haruhi and Mascot Mikuru, add in more level 1s or even run the level 2 bondable Kyon just for hand advanatage. Another option is adding Primp and Proper Haruhi which can be of use together with the Haruhi suicider: you suicide first, boost this one to 3.5k so it reverses something, then you can rest your reversed suicider and move it to the back row to use it again next turn.

If you cut some of your level 0s, you can increase Swimsuit Kyon’s Sister if you want more expendable level 1s, or you can add some weight to your level 2 play, although Haruhi barely has any level 2s that are worth running in this build: there’s the before mentioned bondable Kyon that has a sub par CX combo compared to what you’re currently running, or the Kyon in Yukata which offers hand encore at 2/2 7500 base power and 2 soul, but once again you don’t really need 2 soul characters that much since you already run +2 soul climaxes.

An alternative to your current counter event is Endless Eight I haven’t tried playing it, but I imagine it would stack pretty nicely. It has 8 different art versions and it can also be foiled, so it’s definitely the more “artistic” option 😉

When I first made this deck, it had 2 copies of Haruhi’s Victory Declaration, a level 2 changer to the level 3 Haruhi and an interesting brainstormer. The change cost seemed over priced to me from the start, but I thought I’d give it a try for the brainstorm effect in hopes that I could get some Troubl Girl Haruhis on stage early. It took less than 5 plays to re-evaluate that choice because no matter how much you wish for it, this deck just doesn’t have enough <Brigade Leader> characters to make the effect viable.

You’re even more starved for options at level 3, since there’s only one other useful card that you can run – Santa Girl Haruhi & KyonIt’s a top checker when frontal attacked, and a restander once it reverses something, but the restand is once again crippled by traits, since it requires at least 4 <SOS Brigade> characters, meaning your Trouble Girl is severely limited as well. If you could run it alongside two Trouble Girls on stage, it would be worth it, but as it is now, it might be best just ditching the restander all together.

That’s it guys, have fun!

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