What Happens if English Weiss Schwarz Gets a Ban List?

As if the “Star Wars coming to Weiss Schwarz” announcement wasn’t surprising enough to most players, there are now rumors going around that a Weiss Schwarz English ban list could emerge. Picking up over the last few weeks, more and more players are sharing things they’ve heard from Bushiroad staff members at various conventions, and it all seems to hint towards the possibility that at last, the English tournament format will get a ban list as well. There has been no actual information so far, so any possible bans are still completely open to interpretation – I’ve decided to give you guys a list of what I personally think would or wouldn’t get banned or restricted, and why.

1. Kantai Collection / KanColle

You can’t say you didn’t see this one coming. Literary, Kantai is the only series everyone unanimously agrees should be put on a ban list in English, since its meta is on a completely new level compared to other series. Let’s take a look at how the JP banlist is currently handling Kantai:

Junyou, 2nd Hiyou-class Light Aircraft Carrier is completely banned.

And you can probably see why; imagine playing against someone whose cards have a minimum of 2 soul from level 2 onwards – constantly. This card lets you mill through the opponents deck a lot faster, not to mention it makes siding with level 3s against level 3s an actually viable option to deal damage if you have a climax on field. Plus, she can’t be destroyed or removed by any “choose” effects, so that just makes it OP.

Hatsukaze, Hibiki & Akagi-Kai are choose 1 out of 3 options.

So in JP, you can either run the anti-heal, anti-salvage or clock shoot, while the global +1 soul is entirely a no-go. And how has the EN format handled this? Well, Junyou‘s effect has been altered entirely, or rather the card has been replaced with a -Kai version that’s a global +1000 assist with shift. But the other 3, which are staples in many EN meta decks? No restriction whatsoever.

And that is why I (and everyone else and their grandma) believe that Kantai will definitely be banned, if anything gets banned in English Weiss Schwarz at all. In order for a set to make it onto a ban list, it has to have a high enough presence in tournaments, and it has to top enough tournaments to bring attention to itself – Kantai qualifies, heavily. But other sets do to, so why is Kantai such a likely candidate?

Simply put, because it has everything. Anti-heal isn’t an issue, other sets have that too. Anti-salvage isn’t an issue, other sets have it too. And if anything, almost all of the played sets in the English meta have at least one clock shoot method, if not multiple ones. The problem with Kantai arises because it, as a single set, has full unlimited access to all 3 of those, making it unfair compared to other sets. I guess the simplest solution would be to just carry over the JP “pick 1 out of 3” to EN and whoala, problem solved.

2. Project Diva

While the vocaloid set doesn’t make an appearance on the JP banlist, if Bushiroad will try to encourage a skill based play with the rumored EN banlist, Project Diva might just as well be added to the list, more specifically the Soundless Voice combo in order to tone down the early climax spamming that takes you from 0/5 to 2/1 in one turn while also creating a temporary wall at level 1. Lets take a look  at the cards in question:

You gotta agree, it’s nice. I actually once thought about making a deck around this, even though I rarely have an interest in playing yellows – but in this case, it justifies itself. This gives you deck compression by sending the 1/0 to memory and searching out the 1/1, while also buffing the 1/1 up to 10.5k until your next turn (note you’ll be attacking with an extra +1000 power from the CX) – then all you need is just another one of the Soundless Voice climax and you’re good to go for another round. An effect mechanic somehow similar to Ultimate Madoka / Homura “Fights On” / Madoka’s Wish, only for the fact that this one offers a better power boost, comes into play earlier, and is extremely spammable.

We also have to keep in mind that Project Diva generally has less competitive presence and success in the EN tournaments than Kantai does, so a ban or limit on Soundless Voice is not highly likely. But we never know, they might try and restrict it to something less than 4 of each card per deck.

3. Attack on Titan

I have seen Titans mentioned all over the place, and you probably know what people are speculating to be put on a ban list:

I agree, it can be a very overwhelming combo, especially if you’ve never played against Titans before. But in all honesty, I think there is almost zero chance for these to get limited or banned, and that’s because they are so extremely easy to counter. All you really need to do is overtake the head with a single burst of power and the whole setup goes to shit. Either that or you anti-change it and get rid of all 3 or just make the other two incapable of attacking.

Well, these are my thoughts on the possibility of a Weiss Schwarz English banlist – do you guys think there are any other sets that might face restrictions? Feel free to say so 🙂

Image result for kantai collection gif



4 thoughts on “What Happens if English Weiss Schwarz Gets a Ban List?

  1. There are still too few English sets to justify a ban on anything really. Yeah the meta is basically Kancolle, Titan , and SAO topping most of the time but restricting those sets doesn’t change the English meta at all. Sets like Haruhi, Disgeaea and Fairy Tail are just too old and lack so many tools that they won’t win consistently. Nisekoi got nerfed so hard that the best English build is the weapon build which has flaws. Love Live can pull off some wins but it doesn’t pack the punch even against a restricted Kantai. Fate. Monogatari, and Log Horizon can compete but are missing some cards from the Japanese game which could make them more consistent. Cinderella Girls is really under represented. In addition many of these sets have builds which really don’t care about Kancolle’s anti plays anyway. I say that despite how much Kancolle annoys me a ban would be a waste. Besides with Illya being released soon, we might have a set which can fight on equal footing with Kancolle anyway.

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      1. I own the Illya set in Japanese and it is certainly a good set.My guess is that Illya can be a top English set since the set doesn’t really care what the opponent does. The Compass event from Kancolle can hurt it a bit but it doesn’t care about anti heal or anti salvage that much. The set does take an experienced hand to play as you have to make a lot of tough decisions throughout the game. The main question is whether people will invest in the set or not. Cinderella Girls is a good set, but no one plays it in English and that lessened its impact on the Meta.


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