DECK LIST: Love Live! Rin Hoshizora – Mono Blue – Waifu Deck

This deck is the second one out of my 9 Love Live! Waifu decks. The other decks from this series can be found at the bottom of this post or in the top Menu under Deck Lists > Waifu Decks.

“Also yes, one day I promise you guys will get a true, 100% mono color deck from me – today, however, is not that day” – she says as she stuffs 4 green cards into this build 😉

The Deck

WS Decks link: “Fall is for sports!”

Level 0

4x Someday from Here On, Maki & Nico & Rin
If this one is in the middle of the center stage, it has +1000 power.

4x “Hello, Count the Stars” Rin Hoshizora
+500 frontal assist.
CLIMAX COMBO w/ Hello, Count the Stars: when the CX is played, if you have 5 or more stock, look at up to 4 card from your deck, pick a <Music> characters from them, put it into your hand and put the rest into your WR.

4x “Sweets Fairy” Rin Hoshizora
Can’t side attack.

2x “KiRa-KiRa Sensation!” Rin Hoshizora
Once per turn, when you use an ACT ability, one of your characters gets +500 power for the turn.
Brainstorm: Pay 1 / rest her / flip 4. For each CX revealed, search your deck for up to one <Music> character and put it into your hand.

4x Memories of Live, Rin
Your other character in the middle of the center stage gets +1 level and +1000 power.

Level 1

4x “Christmas Bells” Rin Hoshizora
At the beginning of your opponent’s attack phase, you may pay 1 and drop 1 “Happy Maker!” Rin Hoshizora from hand to WR. If you do, this and one of your other characters get +3000 power for the turn.

4x “Snow Halation” Rin Hoshizora
During your opponent’s turn, she has +500 power for each of your other Rin characters.

Level 2

2x “Angelic Angel” Rin Hoshizora
All level 3 or higher characters in front of her get +2000 power.
Draw 1, drop 1 on play.

2x Great Day for Practice?
Search your deck for up to 2 <Music> characters, drop 1 card from hand to WR.

4x “Love Wing Bell”
Put one of your Rin characters from stage to WR, put the top card of your clock in your hand and put this in your memory.

Level 3

4x “Summer Festival Date” Rin Hoshizora
Heal 1 on play.
When you play any climax, she gets +1000 power for the turn and when she reverses a character during that turn, you can put it on the bottom of your opponent’s deck.

4x “Happy Maker!” Rin Hoshizora
When she’s played, you can pay 1 stock to take up to 2 cards out of your opponent’s WR, return the rest to his deck and they shuffle it. The two cards go back to WR after the deck is shuffled.
CLIMAX COMBO w/ Full of Energy Guts Pose: 
When she attacks, you may pay 1 stock to search your deck for up to 2 <Music> characters.


4x Hello, Count the Stars
Stock-Soul, 2 SOUL trigger.

4x Full of Energy Guts Pose
1k1soul, PANTS trigger.


I loved creating this deck – blue is my favorite color to run in Weiss Schwarz, this deck somehow resembles my Madoka build and it’s all around a really fun deck! With this one, I wanted to focus on consistent power as the core of the deck, so that’s the dominant theme of all the cards. At level 0, you have 4 Sweets Fairy 3.5k beaters, which can get really buff with the combination of Memories of Live, Rin and the Stars backrow. The early game line-up allows for many options, but I think the best one has to be Stars in the back row + Someday from Here On in the middle slot + Sweets Fairy and Memories of Live on the sides. This way, you have a 4k / 5.5k / 2.5k power wall in the center stage, which is nice. If you’re lacking Stars to play in the back, the plussing brainstorm fits in there just as well.

Image result for rin hoshizoraLevel 1 has en even 4/4 split on cost 1 and cost 0 characters. Snow Halation is really nice and buff on the defensive, and if you lack power when attacking with her, you can always just do a side attack and build stock if needed. If you have a full field, she’ll be at least 8.5k on the opponent’s turn, which can get quite annoying ;). Christmas Bells is a little different, since it utilizes the mechanic of dropping Happy Maker! from hand to WR, but considering a double 3k buff for the cost of pay 1 + drop Happy Maker!, I think she is well worth it, albeit sometimes situational – especially because none of these level 1s have Encore!

There are enough ways to get the level 3s back in hand anyway: if the brainstorm at level 0 isn’t working out, there’s still the Stars CX combo (which works if you have 4 cards in stock and then play the CX, as long as you resolve the effect of the CX first), and level 2 gives you access to the deck search event as well. Another event at level 2 is “Love Wing Bell” – a Sayaka’s Wish clone. I freaking love the concept of this card. It bypasses anti-heal, it can be used in the main phase or as a COUNTER and to an extent, you can manipulate what you get back in hand with it. There’s not much else to do at level 2: you mainly wanna prep your level 3 line up, and get a copy of “Angelic Angel” in hand for that 2k power boost to all level 3s.

Image result for rin hoshizora renderAside from raw power, level 3 utilizes more gimmicks – my favorite of them being Happy Maker!: it basically allows you to force your opponent into a reshuffle with 2 climaxes being exempt from it, which is what I’ve mostly used it for, but those 2 cards can be literally anything! So if there’s something else you don’t want your opponent to have in their deck, feel free to go ahead. Her other effect, the CX combo search, is effectively the same as on this Sayaka, and I can assure you it’s a good one. Talking about CX combos, I’m really impressed by the fact that while your other level 3, Summer Fesival Date, doesn’t have one, she still benefits from playing a climax on top of being a healer. Sure, it may not seem like she’ll be reversing many level 3s with the 1k boost to her 9.5k base power, but consider having the Angelic Angel 2k boost on top of that together with the 1k from the climax you’ll most likely be playing at level 3, and now you’re getting somewhere already. Bottom-decking opponent’s characters in the last turns of the game is always fun – for the one doing it, at least 🙂

And this is it, guys. Just a very fun and simple deck to run if you want to build a Rin Waifu deck.

Important stuff to keep in mind when playing:

  • All characters have “Rin” in their card name
  • All characters are <Music>
  • Align your level 0s according to whatever your opponent has out: you won’t be short on power anyway and you can dodge suiciders too with Memories of Live.
  • You won’t be able to drop Happy Maker! down for Christmas Bells all the time, but maybe once will be enough to get you ahead.
  • Stock is generally not a problem, but you can get a bit tight at level 3.
  • If you’ll be repeatedly using the Stars CX combo ability on top of brainstorms, you’ll mill through the deck fast. It’s not necessarily bad or good, it just takes a bit of caution.Image result for rin hoshizora cat

What can be changed if you want a different playstyle?

As always, a few things are up to personal preference. If you want to ditch the green level 0s, I’d suggest you do it in one of two ways: either exchange power for gimmicks and put in “Let’s Go Out Together” Rin which is a runner, or increase the power with another beater like “Sunny Day Song” Rin Hoshizora if you like playing it risky. However, I’d advise against the latter, since a free draw 2 / drop 2 for your opponent can help them out more than you’d want it to.

If you’d like to add to your offensive power at level 1, there’s the option of “Dressed Up” Rin Hoshizora, which gets boosted to 8.5k in the middle slot if you have a full field with 2 assists.

If you feel like it, you can run the level 2 events at 3/3 instead of 2/4 like they are now.

I’ve also considered splashing yellow into the deck to maybe run “Whimsical Girl” Rin at level 3 since draw 2 / drop 1 can be very helpful in late game, plus her power-up effect isn’t shabby either. In the end though, I’ve decided to just keep the blue alone because other yellow Rin cards are simply sub-par and have better blue counterparts.

Image result for rin hoshizora gif
Thanks for reading! See you around, Nya~♪♫♪

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