DECK LIST: Love Live! Hanayo Koizumi – Mono Blue – Waifu Deck

This deck is the third one out of my 9 Love Live! Waifu decks. The other decks from this series can be found at the bottom of this post or in the top Menu under Deck Lists > Waifu Decks.

Heh, I did it. All blue. Such mono. Much achievement for me 😛

The Deck

WS Decks link: The Power of Rice

Level 0

4x “Let’s Go Out Together♪” Hanayo
When she’s played, reveal the top card of your deck. If it’s a <Music> character,  put it in your hand and drop a card from your hand to WR.

4x “Sweets Fairy” Hanayo Koizumi
If you have one or less other characters, she has +1000 power and hand-encore.

2x “Sunny Day Song” Hanayo Koizumi
+500 power to your other character in the middle slot of the center stage
Brainstorm: Pay 1 / rest 2/ flip 4. For each CX revealed, search your deck for up to one <Music> character and put it into your hand.

4x “Elven Ties” Hanayo Koizumi
+500 power to your other character in the middle slot of the center stage.
+500 global assist for all “Hanayo” characters.

2x “Let’s Skate Together” Hanayo Koizumi
+500 power to your other character in the middle slot of the center stage
Brainstorm: Pay 1 / rest her/ flip 4. For each CX revealed, choose one of your opponent’s characters and that character can’t STAND during their next stand phase.

Level 1

4x “Dressed Up” Hanayo Koizumi
When your other <Music> character attacks, she gets +1000 power for the turn.
She also has clock encore.

4x “My Christmas Treat” Hanayo Koizumi
When she attacks, put the top 2 cards of your deck into the WR. If one of those two cards is a climax, she gets -2 soul for the turn.

4x “Door to Our Dreams” Hanayo Koizumi
Ignore her change effect, we’re not running that.
Backup 1500, level 1: Drop this from hand to WR.

Level 2

2x “KiRa-KiRa Sensation!” Hanayo Koizumi
If she’s facing a level 3 or higher when she attacks, she gets +4500 power until end of turn and the following ability: when she reverses a character, you may put it on the bottom of your opponent’s deck.

2x Mochi is Rice Too
Rest one of your “Hanayo” characters. If you do, look at up to 4 cards from the top of your deck, choose one of them, put it in your hand, put the rest on top of your deck in any order and choose one of your characters that gets +2000 power until end of turn.

2x Childhood Dreams
Rest one of your “Hanayo” characters. If you do, draw up to two cards and drop one to WR.

Level 3

4x “Summer Festival Date” Hanayo Koizumi
Draw 2 / drop 1 on play.
CX COMBO w/ Romantic Valentine: Up to once per turn, when she attacks, you can pay 3 and drop 2 cards to WR. If you do, STAND her again and she gets +3000 power until end of turn.

1x “Angelic Angel” Hanayo Koizumi
If your opponent has a level 3 or higher character, she gets -1 level in your hand.
If you have 3 or more other <Music> characters, she has +1000 power.
At the start of your opponent’s draw phase, if she is on the center stage, you can give one of your characters +4000 power until end of turn.

3x “Happy Maker!” Hanayo Koizumi
Draw 2 / drop 1 on play.
She has +1000 power for each of your other “Hanayo” characters.


Image result for romantic valentine weiss schwarz
4x Romantic Valentine
1k1soul, PANTS trigger.

Image result for home economics weiss schwarz
4x Time for Home Economics
1k1soul, BOOK trigger.


I don’t think I’ve ever made a build that mills through the deck as fast as this one; quite an enjoyable sight once you get a grip on it. Level 0 only has 2 main cards for the front row – Sweets Fairy, which is the classic beater/hand-encore type card if you have one or less other characters beside her, and Let’s Go Out Together, where your milling starts. I’ve always loved these kinds of hand filters at level 0, running Sayaka & Mami in my Madoka deck myself, though that one is a fairy different mechanic. Let’s Go Out Together procs immediately on play, meaning whatever you get in hand with it can be of immediate use, which can help you out if you’ve started with a shabby hand: it’s a table-turner indeed.

Image result for hanayo koizumi

Other level 0s are more or less backrow material, mainly Elven Ties who gives all your Hanayo characters +500 and an additional +500 to the middle center stage slot. Next to her, you have 2 brainstormers: the first one is a plussing deck searcher and the second one is more gimmicky, allowing you to prevent your opponent’s characters from STANDing the next turn. Extremely useful in late game, and I guarantee it will cause great salt at level 3 – that is, unless your opponent is running something anti-hex like Shinobu. On top of brainstorming, they both give +500 to the front row middle slot as well. That being sad, both of these brainstormers can also be used as front rows, since if you have 2 Elven Ties in the back, they’ll still have 2.5k power (or up to 4.5k in the middle slot).

Level 1 is rather simple, but it might take you by surprise at first. If you play down 3 Christmas Treat, don’t forget to take into account exactly how much that will eat into your deck: 3x trigger + 3x 2 cards into the waiting room for her effect = 9 cards gone like whoosh. As said at the beginning, I personally find decks that mill through themselves at a faster pace really fun to play, but it does require you to take more things into consideration – the climaxes, especially. Faster milling gives you less time to get stuff out of your stock, so at some point, you might be stuck with 4 climaxes out of your deck at refresh. It’s survivable though, since you have enough outlets to push yourself to another refresh soon.

Image result for hanayo koizumi animeThe other two level 1s in the deck are Dressed Up Hanayo, which gets nicely boosted for 1k power each time your other characters attack while also having clock-encore, and Door to Our Dream, the ever-so-standard backup of 1.5k. Also mentioned earlier, she has a change effect as well, but it’s rather shitty, so I’ve avoided it entirely.

Level 2 has just one character, the Kira-Kira Sensation Hanayo that becomes a 12k base power card with an on-reverse bottom decking ability when she’s facing a level 3 or higher character. Mainly for flavor, but can screw your opponent over in the right situation.

Besides, level 2 is all about events that, you guessed it, further mill through your deck. Childhood Dreams is a hand filter of sorts with a rest 1 – draw 2 – drop 1 effect that maintains your hand size. On the other hand, Mochi is Rice Too has a cost of one stock on top of requiring you to rest a character, but it lets you choose a card – important, any card! – from the top 4 of your deck, lets you arrange the rest back on top in any order, and gives one of your characters +2000 power for the turn.

With the exception of the early-play Hanayo, all the level 3s have a draw 2 – drop 1 effect on play so that your hand doesn’t get worn down. Why should you be paying so much attention to the hand size? Well, it’s all for the purpose of being able to pull off multiple instances of the Summer Festival Date restand combo in one turn. Three is a bit of stretch, but two is entirely possible – that’s why you’ll rarely play down 3 of this card and will be using Happy Maker! as well. It has a low base power of 8.5k, but gets +1000 power for each of your other Hanayo characters, bringing her to at least 12.5k if you have a full field. Compared to that, the early-play Hanayo is really shabby on the offense, but you can use her 4k boost on herself to make her into a more of a defensive wall.

Image result for hanayo koizumi anime

Climaxes are 4 pants for the restand combo and 4 independent books for the sake of increasing hand size, nothing else.

Important stuff to keep in mind when playing:

  • All characters have “Hanayo” in their card name
  • All characters are <Music>
  • Count the cards in your deck at all times. Don’t let the deck take you to refresh by surprise!
  • Keeping the restands in mind, stock will without a doubt be hard to have enough of.
  • For maximum fun, throw out the anti-stand brainstorm in late game … or both of them, if you like to watch the world burn.

What can be changed if you want a different playstyle?

Ironically enough, I’ve changed the deck 3 or so times before finally setting on this line up of cards. At the beginning, I aimed for a Blue / Yellow build in order to utilize the effects of “It’s Piping Hot Rice” Hanayo & “Wonderful Rush” Hanayo Koizumi (which are both good assits with nice secondary effects as well) while also being able to run “Strange Sympathy” Hanayo at level 3 alongside Happy Maker! or maybe even completely instead of it.

However, while these 3 cards are nice, the rest yellow has to offer for Hanayo is lack-luster again. As a level 1 beater, “No Brand Girls” Hanayo is weaker and riskier than Christmas Treat. Tea Time, Kotori & Hanayo could also be considered as a possibility, but it just doesn’t bring much to the table that your brainstorms can’t do already (also, keep in mind that there’s errata for this one, being first printed with 1500 power instead of 4000). Not to mention that Hanayo doesn’t get any useful yellow cards at level 0 either.

Image result for hanayo koizumi animeThe other version of this deck was also a mono blue build, but with 2 climax combos and heavier level 2 play: by taking out one Happy Maker, one Kira-Kira Sensation and two backups, you can run 4 “Hello, Count the Stars” Hanayo Koizumi and replace the book triggers with her climax Hello, Count the Stars: a 2soul trigger with a stock-soul effect. They’re a somewhat heavier line up, considering most ENG meta decks don’t focus on level 2 nowadays, but that might be the exact reason why running these would be worth your time. In my opinion, still, it’s best to focus more on level 3 and push all your resources for the restand combo instead.


Well, that would be all 🙂 Enjoy the rest of your day and I hope you’re looking forward to the next Love Live! Waifu Deck build!

Love and cookies to you all,

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10 thoughts on “DECK LIST: Love Live! Hanayo Koizumi – Mono Blue – Waifu Deck

  1. That yellow “Kotori & Hayano” card is the worst card I’ve ever seen (in its misprint form).
    Even if it had 4000 power like your post tells us, it would still be pretty awful compared to other cards that do the same at level 0 and only lose 500 power for it.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Agreed, that’s one of the reasons this build stayed mono Blue in the end 🙂 It’s sad though – even though there are options to splash yellow, it just doesn’t seem to work unless you cram in useless cards to make up for color balance. And the errata I’ve mentioned is definitely correct on the 4000 power part, you can look it up on the Errata website 🙂


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