DECK LIST: Love Live! Umi Sonoda – Red w/ Yellow – Waifu Deck

This deck is the fifth one out of my 9 Love Live! Waifu decks. The other decks from this series can be found at the bottom of this post or in the top Menu under Deck Lists > Waifu Decks.

The Deck

WS Decks link: no hatsukaze pls

Level 0

4x “No Brand Girls” Umi
When she’s played, if the top card of your deck isn’t a <Music> character, put that card into your clock.

2x Maid Outfit Umi (from the DX! 2 set)
When another of your <Music> characters attacks, she gets +1000 for the turn.

2x “Snowy Night” Umi Sonoda
When she gets reversed in battle, give one of you <Music> characters +1000 power for the turn.

4x “To an Unknown Land” Umi Sonoda
Level 0 suicider.

2x Sightseeing, Umi
When she’s played, you can pay 1 and drop a card to WR to search your deck for up to 1 <Music> character.

Level 1

2x “Angelic Angel” Umi Sonoda
Global +500 assist.
You can pay 1, clock the top card of your deck and rest her to salvage a character from the WR.

2x “Pure Night” Umi Sonoda
If “Happy Maker!” Umi Sonoda is in your level zone, she has +1500 power.
CLIMAX COMBO w/ Secret Desire: When she reverses a character, salvage a character from the WR.

4x “Future Style” Umi Sonoda
CLIMAX COMBO w/ Future Style: When she attacks, you can pay 1 to salvage a character from the WR, check the top card of your deck and put it back on top or into the waiting room.

4x “Our LIVE, the LIFE With You” Umi Sonoda
Global +500 assist.
Brainstorm: Pay 1 / rest 2 / flip 4. For each CX revealed, search your deck for up to 1 <Music> character.

2x “Anemone Heart” Umi Sonoda
If all your characters have “Umi” in the name, she has +2000 power.

Level 2

2x “Christmas Date” Umi Sonoda
Frontal +2000 assist for level 3 or higher characters.
When she’s played, check the top card of your deck and put it either back on top or into WR.

2x “Today is Umi’s Day??” Umi Sonoda
Backup 2500, level 2: Pay 1, drop this to WR.
When you use her backup, if the top card of your deck is a <Music> character, the character in battle gets an additional +1000 power.

1x Desperate Emotions
Can’t play it if you don’t have an “Umi” character.
Put one of your opponent’s cost 1 or lower characters into their WR.

Level 3

4x “Summer Festival Date” Umi Sonoda
When she’s played, if the top card of your deck is a <Music> character, you can deal 1 damage to your opponent.
You can also pay 1 and rest two of your characters to send one of your opponent’s level 0s to the WR.

4x “Happy Maker!” Umi Sonoda
If you have 4 or more “Umi” characters, she gets -1 level in your hand.
If you have 3 or more other <Music> characters, she has +1000 power.
When she’s played you can salvage a <Music> character from your WR.

1x Uncool Step
Deal 5 damage to your opponent.


Secret Desire - LL/EN-W02-E111 - CR
4x Secret Desire
1k1soul, GATE trigger

Future Style - LL/EN-W02-E115 - CC
4x Future Style
2k1soul, 2SOUL trigger


This deck is so extremely enjoyable to play! Constant hand advantage and fast pace of play are some of my favorite traits when it comes to deck builds and this one combines them both so perfectly! It has its downsides though; relying heavily on salvage effects and combos makes it way too vulnerable to anti-salvage, hence the name no hatsukaze pls.

Level 0 is more or less power based with the No Brand Girls 3.5k beater and the other two boosting cards: Maid Outfit & Snowy Night. You also have 4 suiciders as a surefire way to clear your opponent’s level 0 board. Sightseeing, Umi lets you get a character from your deck for the standard cost of pay 1, drop 1 – aside from the level 1 brainstorm, that’s all the deck searching you’ll ever be doing with this build.

Image result for umi sonoda
“Things are about to get confusing.”

At level 1, you want to ideally set up your backrow with one copy of each global assister. The yellow Umi’s secondary effect is, as mentioned before, a plussing brainstorm while the red Umi global assist has a salvage effect – used mostly to manipulate your clock with its cost rather than actually using it for salvage purposes. But hey, it’s here for when you need it. Moving on to your front row array for level 1: you may have noticed that there are 2 climax combos at level 1, which is rather unusual, since you don’t want your climaxes to clash. I’ll explain the reason for that decision later in the ‘Possible changes’ section, so for now, let’s focus on the main combo with Future Style: the character is cost less while the cost for the effect is 1 stock, letting you salvage and top-check in one go. This not only increases your hand size but also helps you avoid climaxes in stock – not to mention you can know what your next trigger will be. The disadvantage here is the fact that the climax in question is a 2k1soul … sadly.

The second combo, which is more of a side option, is with Pure Night. It’s a cost 1 character, but if you have a Happy Maker! in your level zone, she has a base power of 7.5k, making her more likely to survive a turn than Future Style. Her climax is a GATE trigger 1k1soul (adding to our salvage capabilities) – way better than the previous one. The combo effect is cost less, but the tricky part is that she only gets to salvage when she reverses a character – meaning she can get countered by runners, backups or things like Sayaka’s Wish and Information Binding. In general, on-attack effects are better that on-reverse because your opponent can’t mess  with them: that’s why I’ve chosen Image result for umi sonodaFuture Style as the main combo over Pure Night. But since the latter isn’t half bad either, especially considering you run the “Happy Maker!” Umi anyway, having both in the deck doesn’t hurt.

Outside of the whole salvage combo mess is the lonely Anemone Heart: she probably wouldn’t be used in a casual Love Live! deck, but she immediately becomes one of the better cards to choose from for the waifu deck – she’ll always be a 1/0 with 6500 base power, no downsides added.

Level 2 tones things down again with only 3 different cards: a backup, an assist for level 3s and the Desperate Emotions, which is an event that lets you get rid of cost 1 or lower characters from your opponent’s field: works for most changers, backrow assists and the likes. What you’ll actually be playing at level 2 are the Happy Makers which have an extremely easy condition to fulfill for their early play requirement. You’ll almost always have 4 Umis on stage when you hit level 2, and even if you have just one Happy Maker in your hand, she lets you salvage on play so you can instantly start a chain of two or more.

Image result for umi sonodaYour other level 3, Summer Festival Date has an on-play burn effect if the top card of your deck is a <Music> character. You can help yourself out with that by using Christmas Date’s top-check, or use blind luck. The other effect beside the burn is pretty underwhelming and I haven’t used it myself yet, but I guess in a certain situation it could be useful to send one of your opponent’s level 0s to the WR in late game? Maybe.

Climaxes are four GATES and four 2k1souls.

Important stuff to keep in mind when playing:

  • All characters have “Umi” in their name
  • All characters are <Music>
  • Your aim is to hit level 2 with at least 6 stock and 4 characters on field (the ideal level 2 setup is 2x Christmas Date and 3x Happy Maker)
  • Without Christmas Date, your level 3s are hella frail
  • Level 1 combos are a clustershit of salvage. Don’t fear the clustershit. Study the clustershit. Exploit the clustershit. Master the clustershit!
  • Stock is iffy at times, neither excessive or lacking but just enough.
  • Enjoy your overflowing hand 🙂
  • Avoid anti-salvage at all costs

What can be changed if you want a different playstyle?

To first tackle the promised topic of climaxes: when I began creating this deck, it first had a different level 3 line up with Otonokizaka High 2nd Year, Umi and her climax combo because I wanted to utilize heal effects as well as maximize salvage. Returning back to level 1, I put in Future Style instead of Pure Night because of the the on-attack vs. on-reverse reasons, and so I ended up with all of the climaxes being 2k1souls. I tried playing it that way, shifted the build around a couple of times, even made some drastic changes with other cards but it just didn’t work as well as I knew it could. So I threw out the level 3 combo and replaced it with Happy Maker. Deciding what climax to put in instead left me with little options to begin with, so I just went with the GATEs to reinforce the salvage engine I just cut out of the deck. Then, seeing as I had her climax and Happy Maker Umis anyway, I thought adding in 2 copies of Pure Night might be worth it to get some extra buff at level 1. So that’s how we ended up with the current build.

With that out of the way, possible changes to this deck revolve mostly around what kind of combos you prefer and what kind of deck you are playing against. A few examples you can try out:

  • If you know your opponent won’t have ways to prevent on-reverse effects, run max copies of Pure Night instead of Future Style.
  • If you don’t want to have 2 combos at level 1, you can choose to remove one completely.
    • If you’re gonna remove Future Style, max out Pure Night and Anemone Heart so that you won’t fall short on level 1s to attack with. You can replace her climax with Nap Time Umi and run 8 GATEs that way
    • If you’re gonna remove Pure Night, just replace it with Anemone Heart. Even without the combo, I’d still suggest running those 4 GATEs though.

Image result for umi sonoda

Aside from the combos, there are also other possible changes which have a lesser impact on the deck. “Sunny Day Song” Umi Sonoda is an alternative to the yellow level 2 backup you’re running now, and it’s a nice card because it lets you refresh your deck when her backup is used. However, the cost for it is clocking the top card of your deck, so you won’t be able to avoid that 1 extra damage which would otherwise be your refresh point. But if you’re only halfway through your deck and already have most of your climaxes in the WR, this still comes in handy. But don’t forget – you still need the yellow backup for color balance.

At level 1, you could consider running “Sweets Fairy” Umi Sonoda, but because you will have at least 1 yellow character on stage in most cases, you’ll rarely get to utilize her in full.

If you have trouble getting the level 0 suicider promos, the more expensive alternative is “School Idol Festival” Umi which also has a secondary effect that lets you pay 1 to send your opponent’s level 0s from center stage to WR. Another interesting level 0 option is “In Practice” Umi Sonoda – a spammable brainstorm that can also get very annoying if your opponent has just barely enough power to reverse your characters.

Image result for umi sonoda gif
Have fun playing! Love and cookies to you all, Teya.

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  1. I don’t know the card, but shouldn’t the effect of “Maid Outfit, Umi” be +1000 power instead of +2500 power? I mean, if the effect really is +2500 power, that would be totally broken.


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