DECK LIST: Love Live! Kotori Minami – Mono Red – Waifu Deck

This deck is the seventh one out of my 9 Love Live! Waifu decks. The other decks from this series can be found at the bottom of this post or in the top Menu under Deck Lists > Waifu Decks.

The deck

WS Decks link: Birds Burn Bright

Level 0

4x “Dressed Up” Kotori Minami
When she’s played, put two cards from the top of your deck to WR. If either of the two cards is a climax, REST her.
She also has hand encore.

2x “White Christmas” Kotori Minami
When one of your characters gets REVERSED in battle, you can give a character +1000 power for the turn.
Brainstorm: Pay 1 / flip 4. For each CX revealed, one of you characters gets +2000 power for the turn.

2x “We are school idols!” Kotori Minami
+500 power to your other character in the center stage middle slot.
Up to 3 times per turn, when you use an event, give one of your characters +1000 power for the turn.

4x “KiRa-KiRa Sensation!” Kotori Minami
Level o suicider.

Level 1

4x “We Are a Single Light” Kotori Minami
Level 1 suicider.
Pay 1 and drop a climax from hand to salvage 1 character from WR.

4x “Christmas Date” Kotori Minami
CLIMAX COMBO w/ Sweet and Smooth♪: When she attacks, you can pay 1 stock to get 1 copy of either Makeshift Approach or New Year’s Dream from WR back in your hand, and she gets +2000 power for the turn.

2x “Angel Nurse” Kotori Minami
Global +500 to <Music> characters.
When you play “Happy Maker!” Kotori Minami, if this is STAND, you can REST her and another one of your characters to put two <Music> characters  from WR to your stock.

2x Climbing a Tree Together
EVENT: Salvage 1 character from WR and one of your characters gets +1000 for the turn.

4x Makeshift Approach
EVENT – COUNTER: Choose one of your Kotoris, put it to memory. At the beginning of your next draw phase, put it on any slot on stage and it gets +2000 power for the turn.

Level 2

2x “Angelic Angel” Kotori Minami
If she’s facing a level 3 or higher when she attacks, she gets +6000 power for the turn.
CLIMAX COMBO w/ We Are A Single Light:
 When she attacks, pay 1 to deal 1 damage to your opponent.

2x “Cool Evening Breeze” Kotori Minami
Frontal level assist.
CHANGE: At the beginning of your CX phase, you may pay 2 and put this into your clock. If you do, put a “Summer Festival Date” Kotori Minami from your WR to the slot this was on.

2x New Year’s Dream
EVENT: Give one of your characters +3000 power for the turn. Give one of your characters the following ability: “AUTO When this card becomes REVERSE, if the level of this card’s battle opponent is lower than or equal to the level of this card, you may REVERSE that character.”

Level 3

4x “Summer Festival Date” Kotori Minami
She has +500 power for each of your your other <Music> characters.
Heals on play.

4x “Happy Maker!” Kotori Minami
When she’s played, you may pay 1 to deal 1 damage to your opponent.
When your other <Music> character attacks, she gets +1000 power for the turn.


4x Sweet and Smooth♪
2k1soul, 2SOUL trigger

4x We Are a Single Light
1k1soul, GATE trigger


It has been a while since I last made a deck as troll-like as this one. Kotori lacks a few important aspects: for starters, a plussing brainstorm (or even any brainstorm that lets you search/salvage) would be nice. Regardless, playing this deck seems to give a feeling of satisfaction when your opponent just can’t touch anything on your field because of the damn Makeshift Approach.

Level 0 is lighter than usual, running only 12 characters. The beaters with hand-encore are super useful (probably my favorite type of beaters to play) and the anti-runner / suicider mashup is outright doing itself a favor: can’t run from getting reversed now, can you? Keep in mind that even if the card facing her isn’t a runner, your opponent still can’t move it to another slot, not even in their main phase – this can be of use in late game as well, especially if you want to mess with their stage setup.

Image result for kotori minami

The other two level 0s are there to boost your other characters: White Christmas has a +2000 power spamming brainstorm, but also lets you give a character +1000 power each time one of your characters is reversed in battle. We are school idols, a promo card, gives +500 power to your other character in the middle slot of your center stage and up to 3 times per round, when you play an event, she lets you give another one of your characters +1000 power.

I usually try to keep these two in the back row until hitting level 1, then replace them with the +500 global assist. If you can, I strongly advise you still keep We are school idols alongside it, because of her event power boost – you’ll soon see that level 1 is swarmed with events.

Level 1 also has the first climax combo: Christmas Date. Paired with an unfortunate 2k1soul climax, she lets you pay 1 on attack and salvage one of your two main events form the WR while also gaining +2000 power for the turn, pushing her up to 7k power. What you can’t reverse with that, tackle with your level 1 suiciders: “We Are a Single Light” Kotori – just as a side thought, does anyone else find it funny that this one doesn’t combo with the Single Light CX? I mean … it’s right there in the name 😛 Anyhow, besides being a level 1 suicider, she also lets you drop a CX and pay 1 to salvage a character from WR. Per usual for the color red, this deck is based on salvage instead of deck search, which also reflects in your 1/1 salvage/+1000 event.

But that one is not what makes this deck so fun. The main and funniest event here would be Makeshift Approach: a 1/0 event counter that puts a Kotori from your field to memory and back the next turn, giving it +2000 power for the turn when she comes back. Because of it, your level 1 and early level 2 play will basically always be removing characters from field and then putting them back, stronger than before. You’re not strong on defense, but with this event, it suddenly doesn’t matter anymore: remove what is too weak and use We are school idols’ +1000 power boost on the characters that would otherwise get overpowered by just a bit. Makeshift Approach lets you counter your opponent’s on-reverse effects as well, so between that and constantly not being able to touch your characters, it gets annoying very soon – which is a plus for you!

It is for that reason that I believe this deck not only works with 2k1souls, but justifies them as well. I would have definitely been happier if the event salvage combo would be a 1k1soul GATE or a stock-soul, but it sadly isn’t – regardless, while it’s not the most competitively viable climax type, being able to reliably get events into your hand with this deck is indeed an enormous advantage at level 1.

Level 2 brings the second climax combo: Angelic Angel with the We Are a Single Light climax which lets you pay 1 to burn 1 on attack. If it happens to be attacking a level 3 character, it gets +6000 power until the end of turn, which is a more offensive punch compared to other cards with the same type of effectAngelic Angel goes from 7k to 13k for a turn while other similar cards usually just get a constant 3k to 4k boost and sometimes a soul, depending of how strong their second effect is.  But yeah, while this Kotori might not stay around for long, she makes it easier to reverse level 3s than a normal level 2 beater would.

Level 2 also brings a new level assists that can change to Summer Festival Date and a new event that lets you give a 3k boost to one of your characters and a suicider ability to another, so you won’t have to worry about lack of power. I rarely used the change effect, as it is a same-turn change and therefore a bit costly, but the 2/0 event is fun as well since even later on, it lets you suicide their level 3s, which is not usually something your opponent would be expecting.

Image result for kotori minamiAs for level 3, we have another simple line up that relies a bit more on power than effects alone: Summer Festival Date gets +500 power for each other character, pushing her to 11.5k if you have a full stage, and she also heals on play. Happy Maker doesn’t get the same kind of constant boost,  but she does get +1000 for the turn each time one of your other characters attacks, meaning she’ll be hitting with 12k if you attack with her last. You also have a way to basically get back her cost right away with the 1/0 global assist’s second effect: when Happy Maker is played, you can rest that assist and one other character to put 2 <Music> characters from your WR to stock.

As I’ve said, it’s not the most competitively brilliant deck, but it’s very fun to play with just the right amount of what-the-actual-shit-did-they-just-do moments 🙂

Important stuff to keep in mind when playing:

  • All characters have “Kotori” in their name
  • All characters are <Music>
  • Stock holds up fine, but you’ll hopefully use some of it on the level 1 combo to get as many of the necessary events in your hand as you can.
  • Speaking of hand size, that’s actually more of a problem here than stock is. Most characters are bad on defense and too fragile to survive without events, but from my experience with this deck, it’s really unlikely that you won’t draw into enough events.
  • Level 3 isn’t anything extra fancy, but the heal together with burn makes for a steady victory tool nonetheless.

What can be changed if you want a different playstyle?

If you don’t like the risk of 3.5k milling beaters, a somewhat alternative option is Kotori in Regular Clothes, which has either 2k or 3.5k depending on the number of your characters. You could also consider splashing yellow with the No Brand Girls beater, but I just don’t see why anyone making a mono red Kotori deck would want to run a single-turn beater that gets a change cost marker when played, since if you’ll be attacking with it, it will get reversed at some point and lose the marker anyway. However, it works way better if you have a Yellow – Red build with the MinalinskyLIVE/LIFE change that I suppose the No Brand Girls card was originally meant for. Speaking of yellow, if you want to be funny and play runners and anti-runners at the same time, then “That’s Our Miracle” Kotori Minami might be of interest to you.

Image result for kotori minami

Back row support for level 0 is a bit dry aside from the middle slot, so if you like to play regular +500 frontal assists, you have the option of either Unwavering Feelings, Kotori or “Sunny Day Song” Kotori Minami which both have their own secondary effects as well.

If you feel like your level 1 game needs more offensive power, you can try running “Angel? Nurse?” Kotori Minami, though it’s more something to run as a tech copy alongside other characters.

At level 2, there’s also another burn climax combo to use, so if you don’t feel like using Angelic Angel and want something a little more defensive, check out Kotori in Training Wear and the Wonderful Rush climax.

And for those of you who want to try the Yellow – Red build for Kotori, there’s a yellow level 3 as well: “The Sheep’s Feelings” Kotori – base 11k if you have 3 or more other <Music> characters, can boost herself or others on attack and burns for 1 when her damage is canceled.

As always, thank you very much for reading! Love and cookies to all of you wonderful people, Teya.

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