DECK LIST: Love Live! Honoka Kosaka – Red / Yellow – Waifu Deck

This deck is the ninth and last one out of my 9 Love Live! Waifu decks. The other decks from this series can be found at the bottom of this post or in the top Menu under Deck Lists > Waifu Decks.

Can’t believe this series is finally done!

The Deck

WS Decks link: too many lvl 3 options

Level o

2x “Heart of Fire” Honoka
When she attacks, your other character in the middle slot gets +1500 power and +1 level for turn.

4x “Dressed Up” Honoka Kosaka
Global +500 power to all Honoka characters.
pay 1 / rest her / flip 4. For each CX revealed, salvage 1 <Music> character from WR.

2x Maid Outfit Honoka
Level 0 suicider.
When she attacks, you may shuffle 2 characters from your WR back into your deck to give her +2000 power for the turn.

2x Reawakened Memories, Honoka
If you have 1 or less other characters, she has +1500 power.

2x Startling Fact, Honoka
When she’s played, you can drop a CX from hand to salvage 1 Honoka from your WR.

2x “Summer Uniform” Honoka Kosaka
During your turn, she gets +1000 power.
When she attacks, give two of your <Music> characters +500 power for the turn.

Level 1

2x “Full Smile!” Honoka
Backup: Backup 1500, level 1: Drop this from hand to WR.

2x “Let’s Go Out Together♪” Honoka
If you have only 2 <Music> characters or less, you can’t play her from hand.

4x “Door to Our Dreams” Honoka Kosaka
If all your characters have Honoka in their name, she has +2000 power.
She also has hand-encore.

2x Keep Up Your Fighting Spirit!
EVENT: Put this in your memory.
If this is in your memory, the Honoka in the middle slot has +1000 power.

3x Happy New Year☆
EVENT: Can’t be played if you don’t have a Honoka on field. Salvage 1 Honoka from your WR.

Level 2

2x “No Brand Girls” Honoka
CX COMBO w/ Snow Halation: When she attacks, you can pay 1 to give her +2000 power until the end of your opponent’s next turn & the character facing her gets-1 soul for the same duration.

1x “Sweets Fairy” Honoka Kosaka
When she’s played, you can drop a card to WR to salvage 1 <Music> character.
Level 2 suicider.

2x Image Change, Honoka
Global +1000 to all Honoka characters.
Revenge boost – when one of your other characters gets reversed in battle, give +1000 power to one of your characters for the turn.

Level 3

2x “I’m Gonna Eat It!” Honoka
She gets +2000 power during your turn.
When she’s played, she gets +2000 power for the turn.

3x “Sunny Day Song” Honoka Kosaka
When she’s played, if the top card of your deck is a <Music> character, you may deal 1 damage to your opponent.
CX COMBO w/ Sunny Day Song: If this is on your center stage when the CX is played, all your characters get +500 for the turn and the following ability: when their opponent gets REVERSED, you may salvage a character from the waiting room.

3x “Wonderful Rush” Honoka Kosaka
Search your deck for a <Music> character when she’s played.
When another of your <Music> characters attacks, she gets +1000 for the turn.


4x Snow Halation
1k1soul, SHOT trigger

4x Sunny Day Song
Stock-soul (red card from WR), 2SOUL trigger


So Honoka ended up the last one to get a deck list, eh? I kinda regret saving her for last since this deck gave me a fair chunk of cards to get through, but I said this series will be done in January and there ain’t no going back on that 🙂 The deck is here, and it’s fabulous. Not extremely exciting or fast paced like the blue 1st Year builds, but very steady and reliable, which is also a kind of deck to be enjoyed.

The heart of level o is the global assist / brainstormer Dressed Up Honoka, which is crucial for the bigger part of your early game and will often stay on stage until the very end. Other level 0s are all meant to be used as front row attackers, though some are still more support-inclined, especially the two yellow Honokas. Heart of Fire boosts your middle slot on attack and also gives it +1 level, letting you avoid suiciders. Summer Uniform has one of those bleak “+1000 power during your/their turn” effects and I wouldn’t even consider running her if she wouldn’t also give out +500 power to 2 characters on attack. If you read the effect’s specific wording, you’ll see that it doesn’t say “other characters,” meaning she can give that +500 power to herself as well – which then makes her 3.5k on your turn. She will most likely get killed the next turn, but she’s essentially a temporary level 0 beater that still gives out an additional +500 power on attack.

Image result for honoka kousaka

Startling Fact Honoka is another awesome card to have at level zero, since it lets you drop climaxes early on if you happen to have too many stuck in hand. As this deck doesn’t even run combos before level 2, I suggest you use her effect whenever you can.

The main attackers of level 0 are the two remaining cards: Maid Outfit Honoka is a suicider with 1.5k base power, but she also lets you boost her on attack by returning 2 characters from your WR to your deck. That lessens your deck compression slightly, but it shouldn’t hurt you much if actually used at level 0. I wouldn’t use her effect at later points in the game though, except if you really badly want to postpone your deck refresh for some reason. Last but not least, there’s Reawakened Memories Honoka which has 4k power if you have 2 or less characters all together, making her ideal for attacking on the first turn: play her together with one copy of the global assist in the back and you’re golden 🙂

Level 1 is wonderfully simple and power oriented, which can be of great annoyance if the opponent has nothing to clear your board with. To save you some stock while still being strong, there’s Let’s Go Out Together Honoka with 6k base power and the downside of requiring you to have more than 2 characters to play her. But once she’s on stage and you have 2 of the global assist in the back, you basically have a costless 7k character. However, the biggest star of Image result for honoka kousakalevel is Door to Our Dreams Honoka, which will always have at least 7.5k in a Waifu build before even accounting for any other boosts. I’ll tell you straight up – she’s not the easiest to reverse either on offence or defence and your opponent will most likely be forced to use suiciders to take her down. But guess what, she has hand encore. So if you can’t save her using the 1.5k backup, just use the backup to encore her once she gets reversed.

Alongside the characters, level 1 also has 2 different events: the usual 1/0 character limited salvage is joined by a more interesting 1/1 event that sends itself to memory and then continually gives +1000 power to the Honoka in the middle slot. As if this deck doesn’t already have enough boosts – make sure you don’t forget to count in this one once the event is shoved off to the side of your field, I happened to overlook it being in memory quite a few times while testing the deck.

Level 2 brings a new vital addition to your back row: the global +1000 assist that also boosts your characters each time one of them gets reversed. Ideally, you want at least one of them on stage alongside the level 0 assist, if not even 2 for late level 3 when you won’t need the brainstorm any more.

As a tech card, there’s the Sweets Fairy suicider that also lets you filter your hand through salvage when she’s played. The main part of level 2, if any, is the No Brand Girls climax combo that pushes your 2/1 yellow Honoka from base 8k to 10k until the end of your opponent’s turn while also giving the character facing her -1 soul for that next turn. The climax in question is a 1k1soul with a SHOT trigger that lets you burn when the attack damage is cancelled, which is probably one of my favorite climaxes to use.

Image result for honoka kousaka

At level 3, there’s your only deck search engine in the form of Wonderful Rush Honoka that lets you search your deck for a <Music> character when she’s played – super useful for filling out your desired level 3 line up if you don’t have the necessary characters in hand! She also gets +1000 power until end of turn each time your other <Music> character attacks, but I’m Gonna Eat It Honoka still beats her in terms of power bursts: on the turn she’s played her base power is 14k, which (together with all other boosts) should be more than enough to reverse whatever your opponent has on stage.

Level 3 also has your other climax combo, Sunny Day Song: the character offers a possible burn on play with an extremely easy requirement to fill, so I don’t see a reason why not to run her. Sure, the combo is pretty much useless if you’re playing against anti-salvage but I don’t think that matters so much compared to how many it’s useful in other situations to get extra characters in hand late in the game. The climax is a stock-soul as well, and not a blind stocking one, so it helps you with all that stock you’re gonna get to use on salvaged characters 😛

Important stuff to keep in mind when playing:

  • All characters have “Honoka” in their name
  • All characters are <Music>
  • Stock is … generally okay, stable at most, but nothing too wacky or wonderful.
  • The whole deck as a concept is really steady and reliable: once you get the gist of it, it’s very easy to play and improve with it.

What can be changed if you want a different playstyle?

Honoka has a very wide card pool for a Waifu deck, and many of the cards are good. If you want more power at level 0, I’d point out “Taisho Era Girl” Honoka Kosaka or maybe the 3.5k beater Student Council President, Honoka – though her downside seems a bit too negative to make her feasible to run.

An alternative combo you could possibly run is “Everyone’s Festival” Honoka Kosaka with her belonging climax, though it’s a +2 soul, so I’m not really sure how that would work out. If you want to try it out, I suggest you drop the 1/0 6000 Honoka in favor of running this one.

While I’d still keep the SHOT climaxes in the deck for their trigger alone, you don’t really have to run the No Brand Girls combo – feel free to either play more of the level 2 suicider or the global +1000 assist.

As for level 3, guess why this deck is named the way it is 😛 Usually, the Muse girls have like 2 or 3 characters at level 3. Honoka? Nah, she has 6. Besides the 3 used in the deck, you still have these:

Image result for honoka kousaka

The only reason I chose to run the current 3 instead of these remaining ones is because while anti-heal is about just as present as anti-salvage, Sunny Day Song will still almost always burn when played, which is a good asset on its own. Summer Festival Date is’t shabby either and I even considered running her as the fourth level 3 character, but things got really chaotic and inconsistent with 4 different level 3s in the same deck. I guess Happy Maker seems the most appealing from the reject bunch as she can remove even back row characters and is super useful as such – when I got to it first, I was certain I’d run it at four copies for sure, but then I saw the climax and … and … and I just did a freaking 180 degree turn. Sorry to all who expected this combo to be in the deck, but I have a personal vendetta against 2k1soul climaxes as I can never seem to make a deck with them work (just try to remember the Umi deck, that thing was hella sub-par because I tried to use 2k1souls).

Image result for honoka kousakaThough damn it … I am honestly surprised with myself for kicking my ass enough to get all of the 9 decks done. I’m sure I wouldn’t have kept it up without all of the feedback and comments from you guys, so please … keep doing that!

A sincere thanks to all of you as I close this Waifu chapter,

Teya 😛

Love Live Waifu Decks Full List


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