DECK LIST: To Love Ru – Yami – Mono Yellow – Waifu Deck

I still can not believe I’m seriously doing this. Enjoy my misery!!

The Deck

WS Decks link: this was supposed to be a joke

Level 0

4x “Sitting” Yami
Up to twice per turn, when you play another <Trans> or <Housework> character, she gets +1000 power for the turn.
When her battle opponent becomes reversed, you can reveal a card named “Yami” from your hand. If you do, rest one of your other characters and move it to an open position in the back row.

4x “Killing Order of Rito” Yami
When she’s placed on stage from your WR, give one of your <Trans> or <Housework> characters +1500 power for the turn.
At the beginning of your CX phase, you may put this into your WR and put 1 “Just Like It Was Till Now” Yami from your WR in the slot this was in.

4x “Just Like It Was Till Now” Yami
When she’s placed on stage from your WR, she gets +1 soul for the turn.
CHANGE: At the beginning of your CX phase, you may put this into your WR and put 1 “Killing Order of Rito” Yami from your WR in the slot this was in.

4x “Taiyaki of Memories” Yami
When she’s played, she gets +1500 power for the turn.
When she’s played, you can pay 1 and drop a card from your hand to WR to search your deck for up to 1 <Alien> or <Trans> or <Housework> character.

Level 1

Petit Yami [TL/W37-E102 PR] English (Promo)
4x Petit Yami
If all your characters are either <Trans> or <Housework>, she has +2000 power during your turn.

4x “Memories That Connect to the Future” Yami
ASSIST: +500 power and hand-encore to <Trans> or <Housework> characters in front.
CX COMBO w/ Taiyaki Key Holder: When the CX is played, give one of your characters +2000 power for the turn.

2x “Collected and Calm” Yami
You can pay 1, put a CX from your hand into your clock and put this into your clock to put a card named Yami into the slot this was on.
If you’re level 2 or higher, you can drop a card from your hand to WR and put this into your WR to choose 1 “Own Heart” Yami in your WR and put it into the slot this was on.

4x “Southern Beach Resort” Yami
5.5k vanilla

Level 2

2x “Own Heart” Yami
If all your characters are either <Trans> or <Housework>, she has +2000 power.
 When her battle opponent becomes reversed, you can reveal a card named “Yami” from your hand and pay 1 to draw a card.

2x “Heart-racing Bath Time” Yami
BACKUP 3000, level 2: Pay 1, drop this from hand to WR.

Level 3

4x “Darkness” Yami
Heals on play.
When she attacks, you can drop a card from your hand to WR to give her +3500 power for the turn.

4x Yami
If all your characters are either <Trans> or <Housework>, she has +1500 power and can not be chosen by your opponent’s effects.
When she’s played, draw 2 and drop 1.
CX COMBO w/ Gentle Time:
 When she attacks, give her and one other character this ability for the turn:  [AUTO] Up to once per turn, when damage dealt by this card is cancelled, you may deal 1 damage to your opponent.


4x Gentle Time
1k1soul, WIND trigger

4x Taiyaki Key Holder
Stock-soul (yellow card from WR), 2SOUL trigger.


Guys, this was hilarious to make. I got the first request for this back in December when I was still finishing up the Love Live decks and I was like yeah, sure, I’ll make this on a whim once the idols are done. Then I got three or four more requests for the same thing and it began to intrigue me: how would a waifu deck actually function with such a limited card pool? Well, this is how.

Level 0 is extremely rich and versatile. Level 0 is barely there in terms of actual cards, but the effects are nice: Yami has only 4 level 0 characters and you’re running all of them in full numbers. The Killing Order – Just Like It Was change swap is fun to use, but you won’t always get it on the first turn or two. It’s still useful later in the game though, since the +1500 power can be given to any of your characters (including Killing Order herself when she’s swapped in) and the +1 soul, while limited to Just Like It Was on swap-in, is still a nice utility that allows you to side attack level 1s and still do damage.

Image result for yami to love ru

Sitting Yami can get up to 4k power on your turn and if you have the level 3 burn Yami in hand, she basically allows you to crash one of your characters for free as you get to rest and move it to an open position in the back row. The problem here is that the resonate ability triggers when Sitting Yami reverses something, but she won’t be reversing anything higher than other level 0s most of the time. But if your opponent is still at level 0 and your other character lacks power to reverse something, doesn’t side attacking just have the same effect? Not really, because the resonate effect moves your character to the back row, keeping it safe from attacks on your opponent’s turn, so you already have an advantage. Now, if your opponent is level 1 before you but still has some weaker level 0s out that Sitting Yami can reverse, then you’re golden since you can just crash whatever into their level 1 characters and still have it live for your next turn.

Coming in last is the Taiyaki drop-search that has 3k on the turn it’s played. Usually, I used it just as a normal attacker in early game and then used the search in later turns to get the burn Yami into my hand, depending on how well stock was doing. Out of all your level 0 options, this is by far the most standard one.

Image result for yami to love ruYou can already see that this deck vastly differs from an archetype of a good deck’s level 0 line up – no constant beaters, no brainstorms, no encore, … But what Yami’s early game lacks the most is defensive power. All the boosts you characters get are (somewhat typical for yellow cards) only during your turn – on defence, your highest level 0 power is only 2k. That’s the price we pay for all the fun effects.

Level 1 brings your main back bone of the deck, the frontal assist. The +500 power or the 2k boost with the Key Holder climax aren’t nearly as vital to the deck as the hand-encore is, since your most powerful level 1 is the Petit promo that has 7k on your turn, which works really great with hand-encore as opposed to if the +2000 effect was only on play.

The 5.5k vanilla is in there mainly for numbers and so the only remaining level 1 character is Collected and Calm Yami, which is a two-fold changer of sorts. If you’re already level 2, you can bring out your 2/1 powerhouse from the waiting room, but the effect that lets you play the level 3 burn Yami at level 1 is a fair bit more interesting and over the top. It’s exaggerated and unnecessary in a normal To Love Ru deck, but Yami’s waifu options are scarce enough as it is and so I don’t see a reason not to run this. You won’t use it too often, but it’s a nice troll every now and then, and safer than you might imagine.

Image result for yami to love ru

Let’s brake this change down a bit, shall we?

  • Level 3 burn Yami is out at level 1. Possible threat of anti-change arises.
  • First catch in your favor: most often, change and early play effects happen from 0-1 or 2-3, with the later being much more common. As such, the majority of EN Weiss Schwarz anti-change tools are level 2 cards, with 4 exceptions:
  • As marked in the images above, all of the backup anti-changers require the opponent to choose one of your characters – but burn Yami is hex proof, so those don’t work on her. So at level 1, the only anti-change you really have to fear is the Persona suicider.
  • At level 2, the remaining EN anti-change tools that can touch burn Yami are the rest of the anti-change suiciders: “Bond of Trust” Lala from To Love Ru, “Center Breakthrough” Rin from Fate & “Gae Bolg” Lancer from Fate.
  • Technically, only the Lancer is a real problem since it sends your character to clock, meaning you couldn’t even hand-encore the burn Yami like you could with the others.

I think it’s pretty clear that anti-change is the least of your worries here. The far greater problem with this effect lies in burn Yami‘s low power: even in the middle slot of the center stage with both assists in the back, she’ll still only have 11k power and that makes her pretty easy to reverse at level 2 – heck, some decks can even pump out 11k power at level 1 if needed. So if you want to use Yami’s combo at level 1 for shits and giggles, by all means, go ahead. But as it is a heavy cost change that will hardly stick around for long, I personally wouldn’t use it unless by some miracle I really had stock to spare, and I especially would never bring the level 3 out this way without using the combo on the same turn. When all is said and done, burn Yami is a finisher and should remain that way – she’s meant to close your game, not sustain your board through level 1 and 2.

As a side note, the cost for the change does offer you a sometimes useful way of manipulating your clock – while testing the deck, I did once run into an unfortunate situation where I had 2 climaxes in my clock at 1/5 and 2 climaxes in my hand just before hitting refresh, so I used this change to get 3 climaxes back into my deck that wouldn’t get there otherwise.

Image result for yami to love ru

Moving on to level 2, there’s just two cards: Own Heart Yami is nicely buff, sitting at base 9k due to the easily fulfilled condition. If your hand size is depleting by this point, she also has a resonate effect with burn Yami that lets you draw a card when she reverses something, but you also have to pay 1 stock for it. The other level 2 card is a standard 3k backup that helps you in both ways, either used to unsuspectingly overpower your opponent’s characters or as material for hand-encore if you’re unlucky enough.

I’ve discussed the level 3 burn Yami quite a bit already, but we’re still not done with her. After all, she is one of the main things making To Love Ru as good as it is. She’ll constantly be hex proof and sitting at 10k base power. She also has a draw 2 / drop 1 effect on play which is super fantastic, especially in a waifu build that doesn’t have access to some of the otherwise available search tools: even if you don’t have 3 burn Yami cards in your hand already or if you’re without the climax for the combo, this gives you a last minute chance to draw into those.

Moving on to the burn combo: if you attack with 3 Yamis in a row, that’s 5 instances of burn 1 in a single turn, which is extremely unlikely to get cancelled all 5 times on top of the 3 attacks as well. Pretty much the only thing that can mess up your plans at this point is Haruhi’s 2/0 counter – which is banned in JP format as of February 2017 (one of the rare cases in which I was actually happy to only play EN format).

Image result for yami to love ru

Just for support in case you don’t get to pull off the burn combo, there’s the TD Darkness Yami level 3 as well – a simple healer that can be additionally boosted for 3.5k when she attacks.

Climaxes are four 1k1souls with WIND triggers – really fun to use because you can unexpectedly sabotage major parts of your opponent’s gameplay, although actually triggering it is just blind luck – and four stock-souls, which really help out in this deck. It’s also nice that they’re not making your blind stock either.

Important stuff to keep in mind when playing:

  • All characters are <Trans>
  • None of the characters are <Housework>
  • The deck isn’t horrible, but lacks tech and diversity, especially at level 0 and level 2.
  • Limited card options make this deck more inconsistent than you’d want it to be. While testing it, I found out that I either ended up with too little stock and nothing to play in late game or too much stock and nothing good to use it on. The purpose of so many 1/0 cards is to make the later situation happen more often than the first one by compensating for Yami’s scarce level 0 game.
  • Paying out climaxes from stock is a nightmare and almost impossible to actively do until you reach level 3 and blow all the stock on 3 Yamis.

What can be changed?

If you came here hoping for options, you’re gonna have a bad time. I’ve said before that because English Weiss Schwarz currently only has one To Love Ru booster out, the card pool for any waifu decks is extremely limited.

In fact, Yami has only 18 different cards available for her waifu deck and this deck runs 14 of them. The remaining cards are these:

  • Comforting Warmth – an otherwise good 1/1 deck search event made obsolete by the <Housework> trait limit in a Yami waifu build: it basically has the exact same effect as your level 0 drop-searcher.
  • “Reading a Book” Yami – not in the deck because you want to avoid any cost heavy characters before level 3 and because she’s a changer for Darkness Yami, which is not your main level 3 game plan.
  • “Troubled Days” Momo & Yami – not in the deck for the above mentioned reason of preferring 1/0 characters
  • “Midsummer Beachside” Yami & Momo – it’s red for harem’s sake. Real shame though, since this deck could use a level assist. I’ve tried running four of these in the deck actually, but it just makes the already unreliable gameplay even more unreliable because 4 reds out of 50 cards aren’t nowhere near enough to guarantee you’ll be able to get the color in your level zone.

Simply put, this deck is a joke for true Yami waifu lovers – a functional joke, but a joke nonetheless, and an expensive one to begin with. Currently, burn Yami is the most expensive RR card in English Weiss Schwarz, priced at 35 US$ on, and the Petit promo, while costing “only” 20 US$, is even harder to come by than the RR Yami.

If you absolutely want to build a Yami waifu deck, by all means, go for it. I ain’t gonna judge no one. But if you want a competitive To Love Ru deck, make a Yami/Mikan build like the rest of the non-waifu world.

You can bet I chose this for the thumbnail picture on purpose. // Love and cookies to you all, Teya.

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