Weirdest Cards in Weiss Schwarz | PART 2

aka the Kono Suba praise post (except not really, I promise)

Part 1 can be found here. Once again, thank you for all of your suggestions!

Image result for konosuba gif
boom/boom/boom … EXPLOSION!!!


This abomination from Crayon Shin-chan (JP) is currently the level 0 with the highest base power in the game, though it’s useless as a beater since it can’t attack. There are other, more useful runner-ups that all cap at 5k – but hey, at least they can attack at level 0: “Surface of Ice” Motonari Mouri from Sengoku Basara (JP), Daemonia of the Star from Day Break Illusion (JP) or Noeri at the Bath from Da Capo III (JP).

Hatsune Miku – “Regret” & “Marionette”

These two from Project Diva (JP & EN) could fit into the list above as well, but I found them interesting enough to give them their own spot. They’re basically one of those sit-com couples who can’t tolerate each other but can’t live without each other at the same time. You play one, then you play the other, but then the first one gets sent to WR, so you either have to pay the (3) encore or use Kagamine Len “Bad Boy” in order to make this work. But I’ll be honest, I am kind of tempted to make a deck out of this just for the lols.

Wooser, White Day Present

There had to be Wooser (JP) … again. I can’t remember if I ever played a game where I would hit level 3 with 14 stock, but it’s technically not an impossible cost to pay. All that’s left to do is discard what’s quite possibly your entire hand and you win the game – presuming that your opponent is also level 3 at the time.
Illegal for tournament play. Gee, I wonder why.

Ash, Plunderer

Seeing this, I was immediately interested in just how high it could get from stealing traits alone. Technically, it could have up to 18 traits (number of remaining field slots * number of traits 1 character can have) as it counts in your opponent’s characters as well, but in actuality, that’s an unlikely number: while King of Fighters (JP) has a lot of characters with different combinations of 2 traits: Relics/Sun, Orochi/Music, Army/Glasses, Modification/Doll, … your opponent probably won’t have as many diverse traits on stage. So maybe more of a 12k boost instead of 18k, eh? Though it could also get more than 18k since there are cards that gain additional traits.

Homura Became a Demon

Madoka Magica (JP & EN) is the first set I ever played and this is my absolute favorite card, partially because I’ve caused so much salt with it at my locals. “18.5 for this turn?” “No, forever.” “Okay but clock-shoot’s just for this turn?” “Nope, sorry.” It seems completely casual to me by now, but I guess it’s still a bit unusual if you’re not used to having something like this in your deck, so I ended up including it any way 🙂

Natsuki Subaru

A fine wall of Re:Zero (JP) text with 3 soul to top it off, that’s exactly what this is. Makes more sense if you read the effects last to first, just letting you know. TL;DR: Play an event that sends itself to memory, get this reversed, send this to memory, murder your stock, decimate your hand (which btw has to include a certain CX) & you get to empty your clock and both players have to take all their characters back to hand and free-fresh their decks. Oh, and this comes back in the end.

Royal Election

Another Re:Zero card, but I had to: just look at this freaking diversity! They get all this while all I want is a Haruhi search event that would let us grab the burn level 3 … *sigh* (I’m not complaining though, the PP set at least kinda fixed that problem).

Touring the City

Speaking of Haruhi (JP & EN), I already mentioned the level 3 Nagato in the original post, so now it’s the goddess’ time to shine. I play this as a ‘one of’ in my time machine burn deck and while it’s not something that’s used in every game, it’s really fun to play when you have the chance to – though it’s mostly mind games and becomes useless if your opponent manages to read what kind of cards you need at the moment (unless, of course, you still manage to outplay them when choosing one of the piles).


One of my friends has been really into JP sets recently, so he sent me this a few days ago at 1 AM and asked: “Does this send everything to memory or nothing, I am confused??” And my responses, appropriate for my brain state in the middle of the night, went somewhat like this: “Yea it sends everything … no wait, it sends nothing … wait what??? … oh, never mind, it’s an anti hex-proof tool.”  What makes it especially fun in my opinion is that Monogatari (JP & some of the sets are in EN already) has its own hex-proof level 3s – isn’t it fun when a set eventually starts to block itself? *cough*Abyssals*cough*

Explosion Magic Everyday!

Ah, now we near the explosive ending with Kono Suba (JP). This set is the epitome of sadistic masochism if I’ve ever seen one: I’ve had some chances to play against it since its recent release and in the games where this event was used, I could almost feel my salt level rising. This card is a lean, mean, opponent-annoying machine and I hate it just as much as I love it.


Gah,the ground!! more like Gah, my pride!! If you thought just one level shenanigan was enough for Kono Suba, you thought wrong. If you so desire, you can do 6 damage with Explosion Magic Everyday! and then play Freeze and sure, you’re level 3 now, but you get to attack 6 times and get an extra draw and clock step.

God Blow

Finally, this is more of an honourable mention than an actual entry because all in all, it’s just a really roundabout way to perform a draw/drop hand filter effect, but hey … if it has something to do with 50 soul, it deserves a spot on this list.

Image result for confetti gif

Making this post has been incredibly fun so I hope you’ve also had a lot of fun reading it! This also officially marks the 1st anniversary of Weiss Tea Time and … heck, I don’t really know where to begin. I am honestly surprised with myself for being able to keep up a blog for an entire year, and even more so that I’ve had so, so, so many visitors!

THANK YOU! For every view, every comment, for everything.

Special thanks to Nyan, for being my ever-so-invisible editor and back bone.

It has been an awesome journey so far and I’ll do my best to continue it. If you’re interested in future posts, my current plans are laid out on the Blog updates!! page – feel free to check it out or make any suggestions or requests for content you’d like to see!

Love and cookies to all of you, may you have an explosively awesome day!! – Teya


3 thoughts on “Weirdest Cards in Weiss Schwarz | PART 2

  1. Great article and congrats on your 1 yr anniversary. You have a listed a bunch of great troll cards. These are certainly cards to build a troll deck around. Though the Homura cardone is a legitimate endgame for Madoka and can be countered more easily these days. Keep up the great posts!

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