DECK LIST: Accel World – G/Y/B – Competitive

A competitive deck is, as the name states, meant to be able to compete and perform well in tournaments. It is true that the different series are by no meaning equal in power and viability, so take these decks as the cream of the crop for the specific series in question, because even the best deck of one set may not be a match for a semi-good deck from another.

The Deck

WS Decks link: Second Law of Motion

Quick stats:

  • Colors: 23 green / 16 yellow / 11 blue
  • Level 0 = 17 characters
  • Level 1 = 13 characters
  • Level 2 = 0 characters
  • Level 3 = 7 characters
  • Events = 5
  • Cards with triggers (excluding CX cards) = 7

Level 0

Card Image
3x Black Lotus Facing a Crossroad Duel
When played, you may pay 1 stock & drop a card to WR to search your deck for up to 1 <Avatar> or <Net> character.

Card Image
4x Amateur Burst Linker, Silver Crow
On attack, it gives all your characters +500 power for the turn.

Card Image
4x Apology Ice Cream, Chiyuri
On attack, choose one of your other characters that gets +1 level and +1000 power for the turn.

Card Image
3x Ash Roller
If you have 3 or less cards in your stock, this gets +1000 power.

Card Image
3x Hermit, Sky Raker
+500 to other character in the middle slot of the center stage
Pay 1 / rest her / flip 4. For each CX revealed, draw a card.

Level 1

Card Image
3x Sea of Cushions, Chiyuri
Global +500.
When you use ACCELERATE, you may pay 1 & rest 2 of your characters to heal 1.

Card Image
4x 《Healer》 Lime Bell
ACCELERATE: Clock the top card of your deck to search your WR for one “Choir Chime”.
CX Combo w/ Citron Call: On attack, pay 1 to rest all your reversed <Avatar> or <Net> characters.

Card Image
3x Kendo Club, Takumu
If you have a card with “Chiyuri” in its name, this gets +1000 power and hand-encore.

Card Image
3x Cyan Pile
ACCELERATE: Clock the top card of your deck to draw 1 card, discard 1 card and this gets +3000 power for the turn.

Card Image
3x Choir Chime
Rest a character with either “Lime Bell” or “Chiyuri” in its name.
If you do, choose 2 of your characters that get the following ability for the turn: “When this is put to WR from stage, put it back to its position in rest.”

Card Image
2x Pile Driver
Choose one of your opponent’s level 3 or lower characters and that character doesn’t stand during their next stand phase.

Level 3

Card Image
2x Kuroyukihime
Heals on play.
CX Combo w/ A Feeling Never Felt Before: Once per turn on attack, if you have 5 or more stock, put all cards except the last card of your stock to WR & restand this.

Card Image
3x Black Lotus
On play, draw 2 & drop 1.
ACCELERATE: Clock the top card of your deck to send one of your opponent’s level 3 or lower characters to their hand.

Card Image
2x Chiyuri Kurashima
If you have 2 or more other <Avatar> or <Net> characters, she gets +1500 power.
When she’s frontal attack, check the top card of your deck and put it either back on top or into WR.


Card Image
4x A Feeling Never Felt Before
2k1soul, 2SOUL trigger

Card Image
4x Citron Call
1k1soul, BAR trigger



So this thing right here … is an iffy set. If you look at the JP Accel World decks, almost all of them run cards from the Infinite Burst set and the vast majority of decks are built primarily using the Infinite Burst cards.

But we didn’t get Infinite Burst yet & we might never get it in English, who knows. So we’re left with a rather sub-par set that has a few quirks but also lacks a lot of things.

Image result for accel world

Level 0

It’s a simple early game line-up, mostly focused on distributing extra power around the board with Silver Crow (whose boost includes itself as well so it’s always attacking with at least 2.5k) and Chiyuri (who also lets you dodge suiciders). I like both of these cards because they’re effective even later in the game, especially Chiyuri if you’re facing level 1 suiciders as well as level 0 ones.

Ash Roller is also a very nice beater in my opinion, even more so if it’s in the middle slot with the brainstorm supports in the back. And speaking of the brainstormer … oh how I wish this would be a deck search brainstorm. A draw brainstorm isn’t bad since it lets you pull events and CXs, but half of your CXs are gold bars and your main event is basically bondable via a level 1 accelerate ability so there’s that.

Speaking of deck search, that’s what the 0/0 Black Lotus is for – the only deck search utility in the build

Level 1

This is where the true nature of this deck comes out – it’s a fun troll deck revolving around keeping your characters alive for as long as possible in the most unconventional ways.

Can’t kill their level 1s? No problem, you can still frontal attack and use 《Healer》 Lime Bell‘s combo to revive your dead characters.

They’re gonna reverse your whole board? Choir Chime on two of your characters and hopefully the 3rd one has encore.

That’s pretty much it, thought it’s not always that straightforward since it’s gonna eat into your stock and hand eventually. The 1/0 Cushions Chiyuri is nice and while you might not use her heal ability all the time, she’s mainly what you’ll rest when using Choir Chime. This 1/2 event then gets continually more annoying since 《Healer》 Lime Bell  lets you get it back in hand from the WR.

Image result for accel world

Cushions Chiyuri is also hella vital for the 1/1 Takumu since with both supports in the back, he’s a 1/1 8k character with hand-encore – and that’s a good thing to have.

Cyan Pile is run partially as a beater and partially as a hand filter: all the drop effects prove really helpful once you’re nearing refresh and still have 3 damn gold bars in your hand.

The other event is rather insignificant until level 3 comes around, but then it turns into an annoying and powerful tool because you get to freeze one of your opponent’s characters for a turn – except if it’s something hex-proof like a blonde vampire chick or something, idk.

Level 2

pls what’s a level 2

Level 3

Chiyuri for that little bit of extra defensive power and for the top check.

Black Lotus to help you draw into some good stuff as a last resort + to block your opponent even more. You freeze one of their characters with the 1/1 event, then send another one to hand with her accelerate ability, which works best if your opponent is low on stock and if the character you’re sending back doesn’t have any on-play benefits. Adding to your clock at level 3 isn’t ideal, but this ability can save your ass sometimes.

And finally, Kuroyukihime. This card looks so pretty to me, it’s disappointing to see its effect: a heal and a restand combo with a 2k1soul. The reason why you’re only running 2 of her is similar to the Kantai Abyssals level 3 restand combo: it is impossible to pull off more than once per turn since first of all, you need to have at least 5 stock when it attacks, and then you have to put all cards in your stock to the WR, except for the bottom-most one. So if you use it once, you’re automatically down to 1 stock which makes it impossible to fulfill the condition of having 5 stock again in the same turn.

Not to mention that with only 10k base power, this thing (and the rest of your level 3 lineup as well) is just plain weak. So while you’re gunning for the restand, you’re gonna have to watch out that you don’t get reversed by a counter – the 2k1soul climax really helps out here because with +2000 from the climax and +1000 from the backrow, she reaches the somewhat okay number of 13k power while attacking.


4 gold bars and 4 2k1souls.


With a build like this, you don’t want to have climaxes stuck anywhere that’s not the deck or the waiting room. I won’t bring up my personal grudge against the 2k1soul climax type because in this build, it really works to support its level 3 combo. But I do want to focus on the gold bars for a bit, because while the build has some discard utilities like the 0/0 drop search, the 1/0 Cyan Pile and the level 3 Black Lotus, these are often not enough. And yeah, you’ll have wonderful games when you won’t get a single one of these Citron Calls stuck in your hand, but you’ll also have shitty games where you won’t be able to get rid of them. It’s just the circle of Weiss.

Important stuff to keep in mind when playing:

  • All characters are either <Avatar> or <Net>
  • Beware of the gold bars.
  • Be as annoying as you can with reviving your level 1 characters.
  • Don’t attack and restand Kuroyukihime if you’re not 110% certain that she won’t get reversed. Please. Don’t waste that precious stock. You worked hard for it 😛

As I said, the deck has some nice features – mainly both of the level 1 events. It’s fun, it’s different, it’s unique and that’s why I love it. It feels refreshing to play compared to most of the other English sets and by all means, go build it if you’re a fan of Accel World (or if you’re like me and have no idea what the anime is about but just think that Kuroyukihime is hella pretty).

But in all fairness, I wouldn’t take this to a serious tournament. Once (and if) we get Infinite Burst, then that’s another story.

Possible changes & other card options

I had a hard time deciding on how to label this deck: I was torn between competitive and semi-competitive because with a set like Accel World without the 2nd booster, there’s really no best build to be made and a lot of what you want to run depends on personal taste and play style since most of the effects are mediocre or outdated anyway.

Even deciding on the colors for this build was a challenge since each color has something that makes it worth running, so I think it’s best to break down alternative card options by color this time:


Image result for accel world chiyuriThe strongest color in the set by far, so most of the good green stuff is in the deck already. However, there’s this interesting level 0 tech option – situational but could potentially mess with your opponent’s compression quite a bit.

Also, if you’re not keen on the current level 1 CX combo, you could play Taking Care of Friends, Chiyuri and actually have some more power around in late game … but her climax is also a 2k1soul and if you wanna run 8 of those in a deck, good luck. The lack of a global +1 soul starts to hurt eventually.


Also strong because of Kuroyukihime, though slightly over-appreciated for that waifu factor. Good level 0s, best level 3s to choose from, and also some notable stuff in between:

  • Maiden in Love, Kuroyukihime – an alternative to the current Chiyuri support, but not ideal because not all characters are <Avatar> or <Student Council> .
  • Jet Black Swallowtail Butterfly, Kuroyukihime – has more power than Cyan Pile, but doesn’t have the draw/drop utility that’s needed to get rid of gold bars.
  • Gale Thruster – if you wanna rely on something else besides the Choir Chime troll
  • Real Strength, Kuroyukihime – changer for both of your yellow level 3s, but rendered almost useless by the fact that it’s a same-turn type changer. And let’s be honest, neither of these two level 3s is hard to reverse on defense, so you’ll eventually bring it out just to lose it right away. Unless for some reason you’d want to change onto one of the back row slots.
  • Miraculous Survival, Kuroyukihime – another alternative assist option
  • Cornered Silver Crow – the only other currently available brainstormer

Image result for accel world haru silver crow


Image result for accel world sky rakerHas some important tech (like the draw brainstorm) and more powerful level 1s. There’s a 3.5k beater with the worst possible downside so there’s no reason to run it, same with the generic 1.5k level 1 backup. The blue level 3 is almost identical in function to the green level 3: a tiny bit more defensive, but plain. The two turn 2k boost is nice, but since you’d usually use your backrows to rest for the effect, it clashes with Choir Chime as long as you’re using them both in the same build. It also requires you to rest characters, which limits your choices a bit.


The one color that’s not in the deck, and for a good reason. Not because it’s the worst, but because if there are two types of Accel World builds and green define the first one, then red defines the other. Per usual, red focuses on suiciders and salvage, representing the more conventional effects – which is the exact reason why I chose to make a green-based deck instead. But if you wanna go for a red build, these are the cards to look out for:

Image result for accel world
Until next time! Love and cookies to you all 🙂 ~ Teya

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