Hey. Hello. Welcome?

Weiss Tea Time is a blog about the Bushiroad TCG Weiss Schwarz, primarily focusing on the English format while also discussing Japanese sets in comparison from time to time.

I decided to call it “Tea Time” because that’s chill & usually, there are cookies, which is also cool. Basically – my goal is a chill and cool blog, like tea with cookies!

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If you’re reading this far into it, I guess I should tell you not to expect too much from Weiss Tea Time. I’m not an exceptionally good player – above average at best. I haven’t been in the game long enough to know everything about the scene, and I come from a place with very few players to begin with, so improving my skills is rather challenging for me. Yet that is still exactly what I’m trying to do. There are many better blogs of this kind out there. I know I have made and will continue to make many different mistakes on my own blog, but I’ll keep writing in the hopes of getting better at it as time goes along. If I manage to help out some new players and meet new people along the way, it makes it all even better!

So welcome … to my blog, and to my personal journey as a Weiss Schwarz player.

Love and cookies to you all,