What EN Weiss Schwarz Lacks Compared to JP

Subtitled “Just an opinion though” so no one gets their panties in a twist.

A week or two ago, I was asked about what I think English Weiss Schwarz needs the most compared to the Japanese format. It was just a random question from a friend at locals, but it got me thinking for a while. We’ve talked before about what sets or cards we still wish would get translated and I think they were really just expecting me to name some strong JP sets that haven’t yet been translated or released in English – but personally, that’s not what I think would make EN significantly different in terms of the game. What I miss the most in English Weiss Schwarz are sets meant for fun; troll sets that could probably never be competitive but are just as endearing to play because of their unique mechanics. Why is it that JP gets those, but EN doesn’t?

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