Weirdest Cards in Weiss Schwarz | PART 2

aka the Kono Suba praise post (except not really, I promise)

Part 1 can be found here. Once again, thank you for all of your suggestions!

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boom/boom/boom … EXPLOSION!!!

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What EN Weiss Schwarz Lacks Compared to JP

Subtitled “Just an opinion though” so no one gets their panties in a twist.

A week or two ago, I was asked about what I think English Weiss Schwarz needs the most compared to the Japanese format. It was just a random question from a friend at locals, but it got me thinking for a while. We’ve talked before about what sets or cards we still wish would get translated and I think they were really just expecting me to name some strong JP sets that haven’t yet been translated or released in English – but personally, that’s not what I think would make EN significantly different in terms of the game. What I miss the most in English Weiss Schwarz are sets meant for fun; troll sets that could probably never be competitive but are just as endearing to play because of their unique mechanics. Why is it that JP gets those, but EN doesn’t?

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Weirdest Cards in Weiss Schwarz feat. Reddit!

A while ago, I made a thread on the WS subreddit discussing what cards have the weirdest or the funniest effects. It was just a curiosity thing at first, but seeing that there were so many good ones mentioned, I’ve decided to combine the Reddit picks and my own into a single post – hopefully, everyone reading this will find at least one card that’ll make you go “Wait… it does what??!”

2017 EDIT: There’s now part 2 of this post with even more cards – check it out here!

We’re about to get weird here.

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DECK LIST: Haruhi Suzumiya – Mono Blue – Competitive

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A competitive deck is, as the name states, meant to be able to compete and perform well in tournaments. It is true that the different series are by no meaning equal in power and viability, so take these decks as the cream of the crop for the specific series in question, because even the best deck of one set may not be a match for a semi-good deck from another.

The Deck

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The Wonder of Climax Combos

Climax cards are just all around great: from cancelling damage to power-ups and various trigger effects. But there’s one aspect of the CX cards that especially new players often forget to utilize to its full potential – the so-called Climax Combo or Climax Synergy, if you prefer. Simply put, it’s a connection between a character and a climax that triggers an ability. For a few examples:

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