Blog updates!!

Finals are near. I am a mere shell of a human – April 2017

I got through April solely on sarcasm, sugar and anime. The 1st anniversary post is scheduled for release in a few hours, the Abyssals deck post is just waiting for images and official English versions of the cards & the Accel World deck is still a mess … ergh.

My finals start on the 4th of May so after these two deck techs, there won’t be any more posts until mid-June after I’m done with all the exams.

Image result for anime despair gif

Thank you very much for your patience ♥

So Much Work! – March 2017

I’ve been experimenting with little cosmetic tweaks around the site and I think I’m now at a point where I finally like how it looks. I’m also currently working on two blog posts:

  • Kantai Collection (Mono Abyssal Fleet) deck list
  • Accel World deck list

^^ These two will both be posted on the release date in May or as soon as the cards for each set are added to the official card list page.

I have a tremendous amount of non-blog related work lined up for April, but I will still put together a Weirdest Cards part 2 for you guys so we can celebrate Weiss Tea Time’s first anniversary together with a sequel to one of my most popular posts 🙂

First Waifu series done! – January 2017

Technically, this is a February announcement since it’s almost 1 AM already for me, but eh. 😛 🙂 Love Live! Waifu decks are done and I’m looking forward to resting my eyes from all those idols for a while now.

I’ve started planning To Love Ru waifu decks as I said I would and as expected, there isn’t really much to do with just one set out. I remember that a Yami Waifu deck was requested specifically, so I’ll definitely do that first with extensive commentary on the deck and mechanics, since there isn’t really much to discuss about the build alone with so few cards available.

My current next goal is to get a new site banner / updated logo. I’ll have to work on something more recognizable – hope I’ll find time to design it soon. After that, I’ll find new topics to cover because it’s been a while since I’ve done something other than a deck list. Maybe Weirdest Cards part 2?

I’ve also changed the name of the page from Important updates to Blog updates so it won’t cause any confusion any more 🙂

Future plans – December 2016

Happy holidays, guys! This is just a quick update to let you know what I’ll be up to in the future months and what kind of content to expect.

  1. The Love Live! waifu deck series is scheduled to wrap up in January, which is also when I’ll be able to create more content for a while, since my semester ends then.
  2. We’re getting new Weiss Schwarz EN releases in the beginning of 2017 as well, so I’ll be covering that – I’ve already gotten requests for To Love Ru waifu decks and yes, those will happen!
  3. In April, the blog will be 1 year old! I’m still thinking of ways to celebrate the anniversary, so if you have any good ideas, let me know!

Site Usage Tip – April 2016

A little piece of advice to make the browsing of my articles easier on computers: You guys have probably noticed that I use a lot of hyperlinks when talking about cards, and the link usually links to a picture of the card in question and its rule text. It may seem redundant to some, but I’ve been aiming to put out content that’s friendly for all: either veteran players or complete noobs who don’t know even the most famous cards… yet.

So in order to make the most use out of my links, I present to you: Hoover Zoom+What it does? Well, let me show you.

This is a screencap of my latest article: as you can see, there are 3 hyperlinked images that you would otherwise have to open in a new tab, but …
… not anymore! This is what happens when you mouse over a hyperlinked image with Hover Zoom+ enabled: the image pops up automatically!

So try it out guys… it will make reading through my articles a lot easier 🙂 Works for Chrome, but you can find alternatives for pretty much any other browser regardless of platform.

Just as a disclaimer, I’m not affiliated with Hover Zoom+ in any way and I don’t get anything from recommending it to you guys – it’s just the favorite of its kind I’ve found, but if it’s not to your liking, there are other alternatives as well 😉